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“And as she fluttered her long, luscious eyelashes and doted her wide bambified eyes at him, he was completely lost in everything she was. And she most definitely was everything”

My ‘modus operandi’ in life is the delectable pursuit of passion and joy. I ask you to allow me into your world and share what lights the fever in your soul. J’adore being in the company of a discerning, worldly and ardent gentleman. A sapiophile, I am enticed by a brilliant mind, intelligent, cultured conversation, and the care of a tender, gentle touch. I love literature, passion, skill and discipline; these in their various forms pique my mind as much as the cologne scenting from the nape of your neck. Travel is my lovechild; my adventuring spirit has taken me from the far east to the mid west and I’m still not satisfied yet. The thrill and privilege of witnessing other cultures, religions, and people in their natural or adapted space is my anthropological absolution. “Just show me the world, darling” is everything and anything I could ever ask for, amen. However, as there is a time for everything under the sun, at my calmest and most poised quintessence, I am the silk laced warmth in the room. I implore you to take some time out from the busy and the mundane to refresh yourself in a subconscious awakening.

Come wile away some time in my company. It is sure to be full of glorious cheeky laughter, warm, comfortable chatter and truly wonderful moorish moments.

The Look

Australian Alicia Bloom is a 5'5", slender, all natural, 28 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I adore new experiences, witnessing stunning natural beauty, meeting people of all persuasions, puppies and animals of all sorts, laughing, stringing together illustrious sentences, reading fabulous books, going to incredible performances and loving life from a simple perspective but a complex mind.

I spent the summer exploring a number of beautiful new and beloved cities in Europe and feel so grateful to now be able to call New York my home.

Lately I have been exploring the fun and challenges of anti gravity yoga (I implore you to cocoon thyself), immersed saltwater cycling (low impact! A great alternative to the harsh havoc that weight lifting and running can wreak), sound baths (so restorative, so healing), infrared saunas (a little challenging in summer but come winter it’s truly like a warm cocoa for the soul) and speaking of chocolate, cacao ceremonies!

I am an Australian native with European heritage, this is the third continent that I have called home, and I so look forward to making your very excellent acquaintance.


My greatest wish is for you to come away having had the most wonderful time. Therefore, upon initial contact, please indulge me by briefly acquainting your lovely self with me and detailing how you’d like to spend our encounter together.

Bartering a lady for her rates is both bad mannered and disrespectful. If my rates are not suitable to your financial circumstances, there are plenty of other lovely ladies who will be.

I have recently reverted all correspondence to my online form or direct email address Please do fill out the form as best you can. Any personal details shared will be handled with the utmost discretion, confidentiality and privacy. The phone number linked to old advertisements and reviews is no longer in use. Please remember that I am first and foremostly a person and a woman and I do have a life set apart from these secret interludes. Communication should be kept on a professional and respectful level unless an arrangement of sorts has priorly been discussed.

If you were to ask my preference, I would almost always opt for an advanced notice date (the lady doth protest too much) so please do try to keep this in mind. Spontaneity is always fun, even for home birds like me, so sometimes I whip my hair back and forth and can be available at the last minute. Only sometimes though ;)

I choose not to show my face for privacy and discretion reasons and also out of respect to the people I love. The world is not a safe place under the stigma and unfavourable personal perspectives of certain sectors of society. Please spare yourself from asking me to send you a picture because no one is safe until proven otherwise (aka stranger danger).

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