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Miss Dakota Skye

+Hey Daddyo, this Georgia peach is serving you up some southern hospitality!

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I was a butch lesbian 17 yrs prior to arriving in LV on July 1. Had never been with with a man at age 31, only women. I didn’t know who I was. I experienced a rebirth of my soul. Now, I’m a bad bitch.

This is Miss Dakota Skye. I’m 31yo. I’m a cancer. 5’5”. Busty, a full C. My passion in life is dressing up in a cute little lingerie outfit, attempting to match my makeup to my lingerie, turning the LED ring light on, and setting my phone up to record myself dancing and lipsyncing my jams. I haven’t earned any money from my videos yet, but I absolutely love making them, and maybe it won’t be too long before Im enjoying the fruits of my labor. I feel like a sexy, sweet, seductive pinup girl when I see myself on camera shaking my ass and singing songs off the bad bitch playlist. I like meeting new people and trying new things. I’m a supersexual powerhouse. I never met a woman who could keep up with me. Neither can 75% of men. But thank God, maybe 25% of men give me a run for my money at least. And sometimes it’s not just sufficient, it’s damn good. I always get into the moment. I try to create an optimal environment for both of us to reach the the pinnacle of pleasure and have the most fun. That means I begin every session dancing and lipsyncing in lingerie to my favorite songs, with an exponentially increasing sensual desire. You engage with me, look me in the eyes. Get closer, dance with me if you want to, or just sit tight there on the edge. You watch my every move. You cultivate an instinctual hunger for me. As I’m dancing around and prancing like a little gazelle, you begin to hunt me down. You’re quiet, but I can feel you looking into me like you want to devour me. You circle me, and when your heart is beating quickly and your mouth waters, and you’re imagining what It’d taste like, when you can’t wait another minute and half no remaining self-restraint, you pounce on me like a lion on a gazelle. Rip the meat from the bone, baby. I like it rough. I’m into a smooth, animalistic, instinctual flow with minimal thought and high intensity. A positive transference of sensual energy is the ultimate goal.100% Real Photos, 100% Recognizable In-Person, 100% Pretty Slut*

The Look

Miss Dakota Skye is a 5'5", curvy, 31 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male only.


Some days, all I wanna do is dance. Making sexy music videos has been my passion for the past couple months. Prior to my rebirth, I couldn’t dance at all, not like a girl anyway. After my rebirth I danced around the clock for a solid week. I was fascinated by my body, by the thick, sexy woman looking at me in the mirror that i hadn’t ever seen in that light before. I love music, and I’m just as passionate about music as I am dancing. don’t have a guitar here, but I plan to get an acoustic soon. I’ve written a lot of songs and poetry pieces over the years. Definitely an album or book worth. I’m an alpha female, and I have many dominant traits, but that does not mean I don’t like to get got real good, daddyo. I have all kinds of supplies, some for BDSM too!


Respectable gentlemen only. Please refrain from discussing specifics over the phone. What’s understood need not be explained.

To attend my party, you must wear the jacket I bought for the occasion. Whether you got in through the door or through the window, you’re still at the party. All new clients must be properly dressed.

If you cannot shower before arrival, please take one here. It won’t affect your time.

No rush whatsoever. You gotta warm this engine up before you mash the gas, daddyo.

All gentlemen inquiring are to submit a selfie. Photo should be current and in the likeness of the man I meet.

Video chat is ideal, but voice call will suffice if video is inconvenient. Text only threads will not be granted address.

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