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+Playboy cover model available for kind gents and couples…

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I’m a big goof ball trapped in a model’s body so my quote would probably be something random from Step Brothers so I’ll have to think on this a while. If you have an idea, please do drop it my way!

Hi everyone!

I’m Ashlynn and I’m a friendly, considerate, compassionate tour guide and vip companion and actress/entertainer who can’t wait to ruin you for all future experiences lol. I believe a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously trump all and I am constantly laughing my way through life. I believe class, poise, and elegance should be obvious when present so I don’t feel the need to flash neon signs, shouting from the rooftops just how “hyper-exclusive, coma-inducingly gorgeous” I am. Nor do you have to be a “VIP, wealthy, classy gentleman who appreciates the finer…” blah blah blah! If you’re kind, considerate, and have no issues with my screening or contribution, I’d love to see if we’re compatible. That simple!

Personally, I think you’ll find me very easy to get to know and really easy to please! I’m prideful in my appearance without being vain, composed and always appropriate. I’m confident but not conceited, smart without being pretentious, challenging but never combative. I love exchanging views and learning about culture, current events, travel, business and much more. I live a rich, satisfying, rewarding beautiful life, filled with lots of friends and family, and I have a great paying career— I just honestly love this… I’m a deliciously complex free-spirited person who is very comfortable in my skin. I don’t have to be drunk or altered in any way to enjoy myself with you and trust me, you’ll want to remember our time together too!

Genetically fortunate, I’m the embodiment of a PB cover girl which I’ve had the honor of gracing (specific issue withheld for privacy). I’m tall, shapely with great, natural, model proportions of 34D-27-37. My hair is naturally blond, long, lush, and silky… my skin is tattoo, piercing and stretchmark free due to my bikini, pin-up, fitness modeling and incessant workouts. My eyes are extra-blue especially when looking devilishly into yours… and I’m told my smile and laughter are as contagious as they are refreshing. Like anything worth doing, I believe in giving you the very best of me so you’ll want to see me again and again. Let’s explore each others’ minds and exhaust each other getting to know each other until we’re left in a happy daze. I’m also a couples fanatic and am especially comfortable hosting and showing them around town. Please feel free to drop me an email to learn more after visiting my site. I take new pics constantly and always have fresh ones to share!

warmly ;-),


Any donations are received for ambient modeling or in service as your discrete and ultra-private confidante.

The Look

Ashlynn Brennan is a 5'8", slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


working out

modeling (selfie queen which I share often with friends)


FOOD from junk to gourmet

romantic evenings and adventures

driving FAST

I live and love to make people smile and eager to see me again and again!



I think everything else really falls under that umbrella.

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