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+Life is meant to be fun. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m here to remind you!

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If I wanted to kill myself, I’d climb your ego and jump to your IQ.;)

My name is Ashley Jade

Originally from Northern Nevada (Lake Tahoe), I’m your perfect native companion while in Las Vegas or the Tahoe area.I’m witty, beyond fun and blessed with an adventurous soul. Instilled with the firm belief that life is too short to be consumed with petty thoughts and endeavors. While I accept that society
has their “norms” I don’t buy into the notion that I’m a misfit because I don’t have a job that enslaves me to a cubicle that I’m miserable at because I feel trapped by no other option than to stay because I’m stuck. Stuck in the false belief that I must conform because that is what is expected from me. Keeping up with the Jonses, being married, having the 2 children with the white picket fence all established by such and such an age… has never been my way of life. I’m a free spirit so they say. ;)
Traveling is more than welcome as I have a passport, I live a single dependent/spouse free life that more than allows me to see the world.

Discretion is assured and a sensual and memorable time is guaranteed.

If somewhere along the line you’ve forgotten that life can be fun again…I’m here to remind you. So, join me in the experience.

The Look

Ashley Jade is a 5'2", slender, 37 year old caucasian woman with long platinum hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, and Couples.


You, of course!

I also adore painting. I’m a residential muralist now after many years of trying to make it.

I love to learn period. I love to go to prisitne lakes and am a total pool/sun bunny. Always at home in a bikini unless it’s 30 below. ;)

Happiest on my motorcycle. Kawasaki Ninja… for those of you wondering.


Please, serious inquiries only. Take the time to read my website and get to know me a bit. Book an appointment accordingly and advanced bookings are greatly appreciated. I am often available the same day, however, I’m not an agency and will not be at your location within one hour.

Be a gentleman and meet me downstairs for a drink, or meet me downstairs and walk me up to have a drink. Don’t expect me to come to your room and you are naked and in the bed already. I’m not a clock watcher and prefer to get to know you a bit first… it’s costs you nothing and is a much more relaxed way to meet.

Above all else, LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS ARE CONSIDERED BEYOND RUDE AND AFFECT MY LIFE DRASTICALLY. Therefore, I’ve imposed a cancellation fee of half of the amount of the booked session if you cancell within less than 12 hours of appointment. Any appointment booked over two hours will require a deposit. Unfortunately a few bad apples have ruined that tree in the past…Deposits are payable through paypal, Zelle, etc.

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