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+Tall, fit, dichotomous brunette seeks partner in adventure. Traveling, FMTY



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Let us engage in discourse & everything else. Show me your reality, and I will show you mine. Then we will take leave of reality entirely. We will carve out our own clandestine space …

Mercurial gray eyes & an irrevrent sense of humor. Crossfit sculpted curves augmented by a classic black dress & heels. A loving & lighthearted soul who jokingly requests that, in light of current censorship trends, you refer to her as your “adult scrabble partner”. Hello, soon-to-be friend. I’m Alyx :)

You will find that at 34 - almost 35 - I’ve the body & face of a 25 year old, the universal outlook of Kurt Vonnegut, and a level of maturity beyond my years.

I imbibe in this lifestyle on a part time basis, and frequent Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville & Denver. I am available to fly to you with enough advanced notice. :) Visit my site for travel dates and a variety of unique fly me to you options.

You are in the market for a delightful scrabble partner, and it just so happens that I am seeking the same! I would love to meet you in one of the cities listed below, or have you fly me out for a day or two.

I have a “thing” for books for whom the cover only tells a partial story … white collar men with latent nonconformist streaks. Those who think outside of boxes.

Are you he? If so, then let me tell you this: I want to meet you in your most animalistic state.

Stressed from the demands of work & brimming with an alluring amount of existential angst, I want you to come to me when you’re being driven by your lizard brain and searching for that atomic reset button.

The reset button being a good game of Scrabble, of course.

While in each others company, we will utter million dollar words and drill down on our most primally hardwired perceptions. We will give, and we will take.

You are someone with quirks, stories, proclivities … all of which I want to drink in slowly. I am the woman around whom you can be your most unabashed self.

You and I are both incredibly busy, so when we connect, it will be a vacation. No airs or pretense, just two people taking a much needed break from the real world while connecting over shared interests and curiosities … and board games.

And it goes without saying that you can fly me to you with advanced notice.

When we are together, everything else will cease to exist. The world we craft for ourselves will be both an elevation & an escape.

Are you ready?



Aesthetic Statistics

  • long light brown hair, all natural, no extensions
  • lightly tanned with fabulous tan lines
  • naturally pouty & full lips
  • 5’8 with firm, muscular, lean curves
  • shoulders, thighs, glutes and legs belying athletic devotion
  • minimal makeup that simply serves to highlight my natural beauty - no foundation, contouring, fake brows, etc
  • two very realistic and moderately sized augmentations, no other cosmetic surgery
  • ink is able to be easily obscured under a blouse or dress in the interest of remaining situationally apropriate and discreet
The Look

Alyx is a 5'8", slender, 34 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.


Want to get to know me quickly & deeply? The best way to do this is to visit me on Twitter & fully pursue my website. :)

Trust me … you will find what you seek including laudation by an assortment of scrabble partners. (Lest you want a better idea of everything I can bring to your life.)


Safety & security are paramount in this realm, and I value your discretion and privacy as much as I do my own.

Please visit the Book page on my website for full verification requirements.

Thank you!

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