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“You only live once, so live fast and live hard.”

Hi, my name is Ursula! It’s nice to meet you. I know what you’re thinking, like the sea witch from the Little Mermaid? Not exactly…

I’m a youthful, curvaceous book worm that’s full of energy with a bright smile! My big, curly hair is my signature and it just adds to my sweet face and killer hips. Anyone who crosses my path is enticed and becomes enchanted with my positive energy and sense of adventure.

I usually have my nose in a good fiction novel, or a scholarly critical text. If not, I usually have my journal in front of me, writing a short poem or reviewing ideas for my novels. Though I’m quite the bookworm, I do enjoy a good thrill. Some may consider me to be an adrenaline junky, but I say, I just like to have fun!

So, come on. Let’s experience something amazing and worthwhile, whether it be a dinner facing the shore or driving through the sand dunes…

Let Ursula put a spell on you.

The Look

Ursula Sol is a 5'3", curvy, all natural black woman with medium length hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and TV/TS.


Heart pumping adventures, reading (primarily fiction and creative non fiction), writing, swimming and traveling.


1. Always send a nice, detailed “hello” message! It makes you stand out.

2. Screening is required for all clients.

3. Email or view my site only for inquiries!

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