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+As your benevolence calls my name my inquisitive nature calls yours.

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As your benevolence calls my name, my inquisitive nature calls yours

Lets laugh, lets explore, let’s get lost in the beauty of life and love. Lets get lost in the experience of Lola.
Welcome to my world…

First, I am your frolicsome friend. Tons of smiles and laughter as I smile coyly with a light bite of my lip.

After we laugh, allow me to stir your soul with my intoxicating energy. Allow me to wonder about all things that are you.

I am an appreciator of all things kink and kind. As your benevolence calls my name, my inquisitive nature calls yours. Let me live in your thoughts. Allow me to explore your mind.

I am your 27 year old, free spirited lovebird! Just like the lovebird, I am inquisitive and seemly always on the go. You can often find me dreaming, somewhere lost in the sky. Literally and figuratively. I am your future Pilot after all. Allow me to navigate you through your thoughts.

1-400 | 1.5-600 | 2-750 | 3-1100

The Look

Lola Rodriguez is a 5'7", curvy, 27 year old ebony / latina woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Aviation is life! Pineapples are a close second. All things that glitter, glimmer, sparkle, or shine bring me so much joy. I am a dreamer therefore all things that provoke thoughts makes me happy. Whether its reading, music, art, exploring, experiments, sky gazing, games, dancing, or laughing; it all brings me a different sense of glee.


The body is my temple and I love to worship. Good hygiene is extremely important for me. I will always be freshly showered and groomed. I fully expect the same for you. You can choose to be showered and groomed before you arrive or feel free to groom and shower at the In-Call location. If you choose to shower before hand, please wash your hands and brush your teeth upon arriving.

When initiating conversation, please refrain from explicit language. Also, Discussing your preferences is a must along with listening to mine. Getting an understanding before the appointment is important because it will make our time together safer and more enjoyable. If you have something in mind for a date, your like’s, your dislikes, I am eager to hear it all.

I value my privacy and I also value yours. I will never overstep my boundaries and do not expect you to do the same. I use discretion with all endeavors. Please show the same respect.

Screening is required. Email preferred.

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