Melinna Levi

+And though she may be but little, she is fierce! -Shakespeare

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I rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyones cup of tea.

Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about.

Me: Discrete, feminine, full of life and laughter
You: Adventurous, mature, kind
Together: Elated, Passionate, Perfection

I won’t fill the space trying to convince you “why” you should select me but I will hope that if you are at all intrigued you do reach out for us to meet.

I will simply state the following, I am someone who must be experienced in person only then will you truly capture who I am and what I may bring to your life not to mention, what we will create together.

RS2K members are preferred

Incall/Outcall rates for Chicago & Suburbs
1.0 hours $350 | 1.5 hour $450 | 2.0 hour $550
3.0 hour $700 | 4.0 hour 850 |
+parking fees
Additional hours $200 ea.
Overnights - Email me they are my favorite and available only after we have already met at least 2-3x’s

Be sure to include RS2K member info in initial email along with date details for a prompt response.

Melinna Levi

[email protected]


Donation is always expected out within view upon my or your arrival.