Melanie Sky

+Ultra Slim & Curvy Well Reviewed Caribbean Vixen W/Perky Boobs & A Firm Ass

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For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly- Langston Hughes

Being in this business showed me that I am a devoted individual looking to constantly grow. I want to be better, do better and of course live better. Doing this has given me freedom and I love and appreciate the life it has given me. I have met so many wonderful and not so wonderful people that show me everyday how important it is to never give up while continue to fight for what you want. I watched myself become this lady who knows what is desired these days so it pushes me each time until I receive a new challenge. I look forward to the romantics and all aspects of it because it’s who I am. The passion it brings when I’m getting all glamed up for a gentleman who appreciates every inch of a classy lady is simply exhilarating.


My interest consist of swimming, singing, wine-tasting, photography and traveling.


My expectations shall be clear. I am not attempting to own your heart, or you to hold mine. Only to borrow it, make it feel better and to release you with the intent in mind that I/we can always make each other feel complete If even for a moments time.