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+Alien Shape-shifter visiting Earth

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Video chatting is available 200/hr Lets build up some chemistry before meeting in person :) win me in a chess( etoctavialexa on chess.com app) and get a free video chat

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Eureka…you found it…

So much to tell about myself that there won’t be enough space on here. If you would like to know everything about my past, present and future in details, i will just have to hack the universal consciousness and give you all the downloads for your own interpretation.

Recently a couple of humans I held very close to my alien heart exited my timeline. I am hoping to meet new peeps that will add some excitement to my existence. I keep on sticking around in this dimension and waiting for some magic to happen. I want my life to make sense but so far it has not.

I like playing chess, watching documentaries. I enjoy spending a lot of time by myself and getting lost in my mind that is racing 1000 miles an hour. I am a shy introvert 90% of the time. Sometimes I feel like I am a missing puzzle piece that someone needs to complete some kind of important simulation. But maybe I am just delusional and in reality I am not that special and never gonna amount to anything great. But then again reality is a relative term.

Step 1 social dinner/lunch/museum/walk in nature date etc $500

Step 2 Dinner date plus cuddling all night $1500

Step 3 Be my part time bf 5k/month

Step 4. Adopt me or let me adopt you. I want to expand my soul family without having kids. This planet already has too many souls but not enough love to go around. Lets join forces and achieve synergy. Lets build each other up and take each other to the next level. Lets move past cheap meaningless thrills.

I no longer offer short term discreet encounters. I am a good match to an outlier who is craving a deeper meaningful connection that transends time, space and physical body. I like geeks and dorks and unique people that are open minded and successful. Not looking to be a drive through fast food and fulfill somebody’s quick craving.

The Look

Octavia is a 5'2" mature woman with long red hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


real estate, chess, breakthrough moments, audio books, bio hacking, cuddling, getting stoned in nature and freezing the moment into infinity, nature, wild life, experimenting on humans, bufo alvarius, being a goofball weirdo


Verification through employment or prepay dinner date. I don’t accept or give out references. No exceptions

Please don’t email me if you need to save up to see me. Looking to connect with peeps who have already achieved abundance.

Only email me if you are single or in an ethically nonmonogamous relationship. I won’t tolerate rudeness and toxic masculinity.

If you feel like you are addicted to seeing providers/lurking please seek help asap.

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