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In the myth, I sprang from my father’s head, armed and fully formed.

You’ve often wondered if you’d ever meet me. I am, perhaps, the one you thought you would not find.

You’ve looked for me, though. Searched through the crowds for my face.

My physicality is striking, geometric yet classically feminine. Neither young nor old. My mind is vast and voracious. I can hold conversation in any room in the world. I enjoy the open ocean as much as the city streets.

Undercover but in plain sight.

Everything you see of me in this world, I have written. I tend to have the most chemistry with with men who take equal care in their correspondence and who seek a complement to their sovereignty.

You may know me from elsewhere, some other angular trajectory. I am an artist, performer, intrepid, and unrepentant.

Or, perhaps, we’ve always just missed each other somehow thus far. Maybe that time is coming to a close…

The Look

Minerva is a 5'6" 30 year old woman with long auburn hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I am sensual in all aspects.

The feel of a well-cut dress in fine fabric. The way a sip of red wine will linger. The sound of the ocean. The feel of grass on my feet.

I am irretrievably intellectual and a default leader and like to find some leave from that in this world — and occassionally in sub space. But conversation will always be spirited.

I seek to create a private world for us to enjoy on the side of our day to day lives.



I am available for outcall only. I prefer longer dates with social time. I am extremely low volume and my patronage reflect that. Please see site for longer appointments and fees. I have been under the radar for some time so while this incarnation is new, I would not expect naivete.

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