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+The Only Female King

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Though it’s the body that interprets pleasure and pain, it’s your mind that I’m after.

I enter lives to push limits

I am attracted to the authentic submissive who exhibits intelligence, civility, attentiveness and financial oblation.

My main focus is power exchange. Crafting personal challenges with the sole purpose of exploring new levels of submission is what I enjoy most and how you will satisfy Me.

In our first session you will fall victim to Me. It will be a fair chance for you to demonstare your ability to serve Me properly. You will submit, to some if not all, of My primary interests:

the art of denial, verbal humiliation, anguished control, coerced scenarios; this may include TT, emasculation, sissy modification, mental manipulation, whipping.

Your goal is to excel and distunigh yourself from the rest and of course please Me- The only Female King.

Welcome to My Kingdom.

The Look

King Lexa is a 5'6", full figured, all natural, 26 year old latina / asian woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.

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