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+Alien Shape-shifter visiting Earth

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Video chatting is available 200/hr Lets build up some chemistry before meeting in person :) win me in a chess( etoctavialexa on chess.com app) and get a free video chat

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Non-binary feminine person. Any pronoun is fine. Your new obsession/phobia you did not ask for. You are very welcome.

I enjoy presenting very feminine but identify as non-binary person. Attraction to person and not gender is the next step in evolution of your soul.

I am very sensual but also have kinky side to me. I can also be very submissive or very dominant.

World is going to sh/t. My life path has been pretty complicated but I am still part of this dimension for some strange reason. I am past giving a damn.

Let’s declare moral bankruptsy.

Incall $500 / hr $800 / 2hrs

Lets walk closer to God

Incall $500/2hrs

420 infused sensual body rub and cuddling session. Great option for ace, demi and sapiosexual humans

Outcall add $200

Social date $300

Lets transcend time,space and gender $1500 / night

I do not tour and not planning to but open to fmty if chemistry is right. I would like to travel and explore more without being locked up in a hotel and waiting for strangers to show up.

I like building lasting emotional and cerebral connections. I am open to moving past cheap meaningless thrills into something deeper and more valuable. Open to friendships and arrangements

I like geeks, dorks and unique neurodivergent people that are successful and able to think outside of the box. Have special weakness for chubby/stocky masculine humans but chemistry transends my low vibration preferences. I love autistic men and men on a spectrum who are good at maths, finance and other sciences. Blue-collar hard working guys are hot too.

I do require verification through employment or LinkenIn. Another option is picture of ID. I do not give out or accept references. Verification through ID= free g rated video chat

Follow me on twitter for pics and daily dose of goofy weirdness.

I like watching documentaries, listening to audio books, playing chess and getting high in nature.

Gift ideas: Dollar Store gift card since :(recession is coming :( or just give me shares of your heart

The Look

ET Octavia is a 5'1" 23 year old woman with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


real estate, chess,psychedelics audio books, bio hacking, cuddling, getting stoned in nature, politics, finance


Verification through employment or ID. I don’t accept or give out references. No exceptions

If you feel like you are addicted to seeing providers/lurking please seek help asap.

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