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“Turn and face the strange” David Bowie

I pawned my nine to five years ago. My thirst for vivid descriptions has always been something that has my attention. I guess you can say there is poetry in the way that I witness life but if there was a recipe for the foolproof ingredients to describe how marvelous of an imperfect person I am, well it may just become daydream material. So who am I you may ask and with such wonder of how my life got to here. The truth is, I love a good story.

At a very youthful time in my life I decided that documenting the depths of life behind musicians was my calling. The idea of feeling confined by the notion that we are all born into a world where everything was mapped out by those before us terrified me and has helped ignite the fuel to creative impulses in me. I am drawn to the surreal and unsettling, and always find myself seeking out the unexpected connections between humour and tragedy. It is in combining the two that true magic begins.

When I am not documenting the life of musicians I spend my free time roaming beautiful cities in search of interesting scenes and tones. I use the city and the daily experiences of people as inspiration to create the ambience into my work.

I consist of an exotic mix of European, Native Indian and Latin America. I am an individual who is a creative creature with a artistic sense of style. I am more silly than ever yet my genuine intellectual nourishment will keep you on your toes with witty conversation that will capture your mind.

By concealing my face, I remove any distraction and invite you to slow down and join the dots in order to seek out the hidden. There is no clear-cut idea of ​​what the reaction to my photos should be. I just invite you to consider it for a moment. For that you have to let go of your ideas about beauty first.

Sincerely, Allison

The Look

Allison Augustin is a 5'2", slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with short brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Trans.


Wandering down the street & being mind-blown by the sight of an empty swimming pool

Fantasy & Science Fiction Books : There are writers who mystify me with their mastery & imagination in these genres

Vinyls : Music always aids me in getting into my zone of genius

Training My Body : Whenever I’m training, I don’t give a damn about the noise, opinions & overall stupidity of things

Cheese : Just give me bread, cheese, Champagne & I’m happy

Writing : I want to become great at helping people overcome their darkness

You : Reading my humble scribblings & in letting me know when Ive struck your curiousity. I’ve made friends on this platform and I have a lot more of that to share. Thank you for choosing to spend your time on me


Please spare yourself from asking me to send you more pictures as this will result to an end towards any conversation and future dates.

I rarely have the ability to honor same day dates. I recommend pre-booking at least 48 hr in advance. Please plan ahead, as we are all real humans with busy lives.

Please check out my website for details about overnight, fly me to you, and social outings and to get a better inclination of if we may be a match.

Screening is required for all new friends. I seek ongoing relationships and prefer to keep my circle small. I take appointments infrequently and selectively as a low volume companion.

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