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+Your Brunette Bombshell to Sultry Seductress and everything in between…

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Brunette Bombshell to Sultry Seductress and everything in between…

If you’ve always wanted to weave an Italian sports car along the amalfi coast at break neck speeds…I am most definitely your “double shot of something strong…” Take a minute to do some light reading and research via my reviews. If you decide that you would like to meet me, you will soon find that: the real thing is even more fulfilling than the simulator, all the stories are true, AND they are not the least bit embellished. Let me take you on a wild ride for a one in a million good time!

On the other hand if what you are needing is a quiet intimate connectedness with a passionate, compassionate woman who will make you feel like the “king of everything”…you will find I am the most versatile well “rounded” individual you have ever laid eyes or hands on and I have the most compassionate caring kind soul that you will ever encounter. My “friends” often turn into my **friends** as we spend more time together and peel back the layers. Let’s nurture a lasting special connection to be cherished for a lifetime. Not only will I leave you breathless with a smile on your face, I will definitely leave you wanting more! (If you can handle it…*wink*)

I offer the best traveling companion experience and have a passport and am ready to explore the world with you …

Salaciously Yours,

Madison xoxo

Madison Malone xoxo


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