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+You’re not lonely. But you feel very alone.

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“Passion is a feeling that tells you: this is the right thing to do.”

Always partly hidden, you have both an intellect and an animalism kept secret from even your innermost circle.

If you let the animal inside you be seen in public— or even in most bedrooms— you’d get a restraining order.

If you let people into your head, they’d be shocked by your level of insight and quiet contempt for so many people around you.

Power and brilliance come at a cost. That cost is being alone.

I know this better than anyone.

Except, perhaps, you.

I don’t meet with everyone who reaches out to me.

But I do leave this here, hoping that the occasional rare kindred soul might stumble upon it.

If that’s you…

This is what I want.

I want your primal beast.

I want your scintillating mind.

I want you nasty and raw.

I want you out of control.

I want you cracked all the way open.

And I want you *mine.*

What do you want?


Please see for details.

I live in New York City and am occasionally available for private travel.