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Most Famous Luxury Companions

Thank you for taking the time to enter our world… the world of beautiful woman… Le VIP Collection. We are located in Southern California and frequently have providers traveling nationally. As the pinup gals from yester year, these ladies are beautiful visions combined with the total package you so deserve.

Time Spent with any of these companions will lift your spirits and revitalize you. From the beautiful All American Blonde Bombshells, Latin Spice, Asian Persuasion and Ebony Princesses…

A professional gentlemen yearns for the best and appreciates the finer things in life… if money is not an issue, and you are more concerned with the Quality and Caliber of the woman you desire, our members are waiting to hear from you. LVC takes high precaution in making sure your information is kept private, we ask that you extend the same courtesy.

Rules of Etiquette emcompass most aspects of social interation in any society, and our members only approve of certain qualities. Confidence, Class, Intelligence, Cultured, Well Mannered, Respecful and Discreet Gentlemen to be exact.

If you’ve got high standards, don’t settle for less than the best!

Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten…


  • Alessandra Caprice’s Avatar
    Alessandra Caprice
  • Alexxis Moore’s Avatar
    Alexxis Moore
  • Alyssa Jolie’s Avatar
    Alyssa Jolie
  • Angela Moore
  • Anna Thompson’s Avatar
    Anna Thompson
  • Ariana Chanel’s Avatar
    Ariana Chanel
  • Aurelie Deforges
  • Bella Blake’s Avatar
    Bella Blake
  • Denise Carlisle
  • Ellie Thompson’s Avatar
    Ellie Thompson
  • Emma Luna’s Avatar
    Emma Luna
  • Francesca Vesely
  • Georgina Fox’s Avatar
    Georgina Fox
  • Halo Grace
  • Isabelle Ferra’s Avatar
    Isabelle Ferra
  • Jaylene Jaxon’s Avatar
    Jaylene Jaxon
  • Jocelyn Sabatini’s Avatar
    Jocelyn Sabatini
  • Julia Levin’s Avatar
    Julia Levin
  • Leyla Grey
  • Lili Model’s Avatar
    Lili Model
  • Lily Gilman’s Avatar
    Lily Gilman
  • Marina Mori’s Avatar
    Marina Mori
  • Natalie Mae’s Avatar
    Natalie Mae
  • Olivia Clarke
  • Rachele Richey
  • Roxie Amini’s Avatar
    Roxie Amini
  • Sarah Jessie
  • Sophia Charlot
  • Tiffany Fox’s Avatar
    Tiffany Fox
  • Uma Foxx’s Avatar
    Uma Foxx
  • Wendy Simmons’s Avatar
    Wendy Simmons

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