How to Keep Your Favorite Escort Coming Back for More

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As a hobbyist, you will probably see many escorts and you will find that each one is a unique experience with it's own qualities to appreciate. However, I'm guessing you will also agree that some encounters certainly stick out more than others, for either good or not so good reasons.

Even if you see lots of different ladies, you probably have a few favorites who are at the top of your list every time you go to call someone and book a meeting with them. Some guys even have an “ATF” or all time favorite escort who they chase after all or most of the time.

In that case, it's a pretty safe bet that you are hooked and will definitely want more time with this particular lady. But how can you maximize your chances of getting her to return each time you have an urge to see her?

Obviously I can only speak for myself, based on my own experience. While this may not work for every escort, I believe that most of my advice can be considered pretty universal and I'm sure most women in general would agree.

The number one thing I recommend that trumps everything else you can do can be summed up in a single word. That word is respect. Treating an escort with the utmost respect will speak volumes to her about what kind of person you are and is the best way to bring down any walls that she might put up when you first meet her.

What do I mean by respect? Lots of things, actually. Just because you might be seeing escorts because you prefer a more direct relationship over the whole dating game doesn't mean you can't still treat her as if you were on one.

More specifically, small gestures like opening doors for her or simply telling her that you think she is truly beautiful can go a long way in gaining her trust and friendship. You shouldn't say things you don't mean under any circumstances, but I would recommend always being polite and acting like a gentleman, at least before you start anything more intimate.

The other stuff is more common sense than anything, but it ultimately all comes back to respect.

Don't take advantage of her time, especially if she is laid back about it. She may not say anything about it, but once you make a habit of keeping her longer than you've booked (unless you are doing other things, like talking before or afterward) she will not be as quick to return your calls and you won't be able to depend on her like you may have become used to.

Don't haggle with her over her rates either. This gives the impression that you don't think her time is worth what she is asking for it, and this usually won't be received well.

Basically, the better you make her feel the more she will look forward to seeing you as much as you do her.

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