Gift-Giving Guide for Clients of Escorts and Providers – Last Minute Ideas

Most independent entertainers have gift guides listed on our sites, because we know how generous our clients can be. These ‘wish lists’ are often posted year-round, but we really only receive most presents twice a year: once on our birthdays, and once around Christmas. If you’re looking to spoil your favorite companion, that means now is the time to do it!

You can’t really go wrong shopping from the gift guides many of us list on our personal sites. However, it’s possible another client had the same idea to buy a lacy nightie from Agent Provocateur. You’ve got to put in a bit more effort to really stand out! Try these tips:

1. Buy something she wants, not something she needs

Could she use your gift during an appointment? If so, she was probably all ready considering buying that new set of stockings or cuffs herself. The best gifts—in my very personal opinion—are those the receiver can both enjoy on her own (otherwise it’s really a gift for both of you, no?) and wouldn’t think to spend her own money on. Consider paying for a massage, or buying a bottle of wine that’s probably outside of her typical price range. Show her you understand what it means to spoil!

2. Prove you appreciate her brain!

Receiving sexy clothing and shiny baubles never gets old, but aesthetics aren’t the only things most ladies care about. Let your companion know you’ve been paying attention to her intellectual interests as well as her more obvious assets. Flatter her with tickets to a museum if she’s the artsy type, or hand her a gift card to a specialty bookstore if she loves to read.

3. Get something other men wouldn’t think to purchase, and other women might not want to receive.

Prove you pay attention when your favorite entertainer talks to you, and buy something specific to the interests she’s revealed. Has she mentioned wanting to learn French? Get her a subscription to Rosetta Stone! Did she tell you she’s a huge Giants fan? Buy her tickets! It’s the personal aspect that will really make the present stand out in her memory.

4. Even if you can’t spend a lot of money, expend some effort.

Plenty of our clients don’t have tons of cash to spare, and that’s totally fine! As long as you have imagination and an attention to detail, you’ll leave a lasting impression. Consider, for example, buying a health-conscious provider some chocolate-covered strawberries instead of a box of caramels. Don’t just stick it in a gift bag; wrap it carefully. Most importantly, include a little card with a sweet sentiment. Prove that it’s the thought that counts!

5. Don’t overthink it

If holiday shopping is just too overwhelming this year, and you’ve run out of time, there’s nothing wrong with giving a prepaid card or Gift Rocket certificate. It may not be the most memorable gift, but I promise your provider will still appreciate the little something extra! After all, it’s really your loyalty and respect we appreciate most of all.

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