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What used to be a fairly set stock of hard plastic vibrators shaped like pale bananas, or brightly colored noisy oddities like “bunny rubbers" is now a myriad of life-like multiple orgasm made of  latex, silicone, plexi glass, glass, stainless steel – all sorts of sexy accoutrement!

The harness was the easy part. I instantly fell in love with a new stylish Joque harness from SpareParts HardWare. With adjustable straps on the hips, plus an adjustable vel-cro belt, let me tell you:  this piece holds steady & strong. Gone are the days where you have to hold your toy shaft by the base while pounding away at your bottom's ass. The design of these new harnesses are made for the fashionable, contemporary  mindset of today's style of play. Besides being sturdy – it is also machine washable!  At 100.00 a pop, it might seem a bit pricey, though seriously worth the investment. In fact I want to go back to get the other styles for some really diverse bad ass play. 

Next the toy! Vibrators, dildos and plugs now are made of an array of safe, washable materials. The toxic plastics of yesterday left in the trash, only the lowest end porn shops or those stores that sell gags for bachelor and bachelorhood parties still carry insertable devices that are toxic or have battery areas that rust out after cleaning. You know those shops … We all used to sneak in! They sell condoms with clown faces on them next to the multiple packs of the cheapest porn core rags? Obviously not that same place you want to purchase your climatic downtime devices! So the toy was easy. I've been wanting to try German made Fun Factory toys so that is what we got. A shiny, jet black, slim, smooth, silicone seven incher with a shapely head. Perfect for the man who wants some ass action but hasn't played in a while. Another great thing about the Fun Factory dildo? It is able to go in the dishwasher! Or hand wash with gentle soap and warm water. It is stylish enough that if you leave it out to dry,  you won't be embarrassed.

Lube. This is the sticky part. After some finger dilation, that baby slid right in and did its thing with practically no effort on my side of the harness. Well – I will take some credit. I like strap-on play and I can spread a mean flower if you give me the power. So the last part of this discussion is on lubrication. When fingering or prepping for more advanced hand play, I love silicone based products. Gun Oil is one of my absolute favorites.  Or cremes like Elbow Grease made specifically for ass play. They don't get sticky or tacky at all, so they offer a real nice glide for that man action. Downside?  Silicone lubes are NOT recommended for use with  silicone toys. Yes - these lubes also come in water based versions, though you can't switch back and forth without washing everything up.

I  went with a suggested new water based lube, and while it might be good for vaginal play, it wasn't necessarily the best choice for our needs. The lube went dry early on, though we certainly had enough so we just slathed on more. That got a bit messy, which for me is distracting. I like a clean work area. Every time we changed position, it seemed to dry out, which was frustrating because we were really into our scene. When I told a friend about the scene, they suggested water based Maximus as really good strap on play lubrication.  We also chatted about Anal-Ease, which can numb the bum, tho needs to be matched with some glide for good insertable play.

I'm going to have to  a full test of the new lubes available to see what lubrication is best for what sort of play. Look for that coming up. For now though I'm going to give the new SpareParts harness and the Fun Factory toy two fists up.

Maybe keep in mind for ass play, it is best to bulb flush or enema before and after. 

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