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Three Ways To Make Sex Better - Get better at giving pleasure to your partner leading to an improved sex life for yourself

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The juicy three that will improve your sex life by getting better at what you give. After all, the best way to impress a woman is to know how to give her a mind-blowing orgasm:

Listen to Her

All women are different and we like different types of stimulation. Take some time to get to know what she enjoys. Listen to her body, look out for clues that she's enjoying what you're doing, and also ask her if she's enjoying herself. Start slow and touch her softly. Kiss and touch all over her body, legs, feet and breasts. Some women may like it hard and rough but make sure she communicates to you what she enjoys and what her limits are if you start to play rough. I always recommend taking it slow to start.

She Comes First

Don't just drop your pants and try to get straight to business as soon as you know she's interested. Take some time and explore her body. Get her turned on and excited, take her all the way to when she's ready to come. You can tease her a bit, but ultimately you should bring her to orgasm at least once or twice with your hands or your mouth if she enjoys it before you even start to concern yourself with your own orgasm. Intercourse is not a glorified form of masturbation. Remember that giving pleasure can be just as satisfying as getting off. 

Enjoy Yourself and Relax

Sex is meant to be pleasurable for everyone involved. You might be worried about your performance, but if you remember to breathe and enjoy giving pleasure to your partner, you won't have a thing to worry about. When you relax and have fun your partner will be more relaxed as well. If you're stressed or worrying they will notice. If you have a light hearted approach and enjoy giving pleasure, everyone will have a great time. Remember to breathe. Check in with your partner about what they are enjoying to keep the excitement going. 

Keep these three things in mind and your next sexual encounter is sure to be enjoyable and satisfying for both of you. Improve your foreplay skills, get off by giving her pleasure and build up the excitement to make it really last. Giving is an important skill that you will find invaluable.

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