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The thoughtful advice and opinions of the author of this article are meant to be informative and entertaining and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Slixa. in the "Lounge" had a teaser title about sex with older men so I opened it up because the AM Sex column was my libido balance for two full years. I read it like the bible as  I decided to give up abstinence. Basically I respect what people say there. AM is spotlighting the core issues of the contemporary successful male.  In the forum I  found a woman in her 30s wondering how to please a man in his 40s. "Irregardless" of the fact that he was in his 40s.  Wow! Reality Check. Seriously? Here I thought I was about to learn something new. Except - ok - I am 43, and I have a few men friends who are, like, over 75. I know, I know. You can say worse things about that than about my article on "Fucking like the Fokkens" where I'm feeling like a cougar for getting it on with men in their mid 30s.  Or can you?  Because let me tell you:  My older men are basically AWESOME!  It is sort of like life after sex, yet that makes it more intimate and complicated.  Seriously.  Can you make an 85 man come? It is like that Rolling Stones song, only better ...  Yea. I can do it.  How bout you?

Because older men - REAL older men - have a definite sense of humor about things.  They have to have a sense of humor because these formers leaders of the board room and the city are  now wearing diapers, and well, that is just the beginning of the complications.  Take into consideration that they are still expected to show up at every single function, smiling and looking interested and excited in everyone's view, perspective and new discovery.  They sort of do, though really, they don't care.  Instead I find they care about whether or not their favorite foreign fetish movie is available, if I have my hydro kit ready, if I found them paper underwear that fits better, toys they too can use,  and if I have enough lube to help them through a bad day.  What?  Yea. Really.

People seem to think that men's sex drive ends at 65.  It  may diminish and change, though it doesn't end.  Intimacy is something that lasts until the very end.  Especially if people are genuinely attracted to other people for whatever reasons.  Then there is that intellectual thing.  Older men, especially octogenarians, are often unique in how they are stimulated visually, and also intellectually - it is different than a man in his 40s, 50s, 60s ...  They've seen it all. Heard it all.  Beautiful women have appeared, reappeared, and disintegrated in their life time,  and the lesser woman proved to wind up with the widower winner in the end.

All you  have to do is be consistently stimulating to them.  That's not so hard, is it?

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