Touching Me. Touching You.

Except sometimes being touched by a new person can be a little too exhilarating. Something I’ve found over the last year of revisiting the Entertainer/Hobbyist scene: Everyone wants to push that joy button dead on & hard to the grind.æ

Keeping in mind that ætouch has become something to verbalize in role-play, I love offering touch tutorials. æThis is great because men love to watch women masturbate, at least from My experience, and touching one’s self is fun – especially if I get to come! æSo first, let’s both go to the proverbial wash room, and soap it æup. æThis is a fun thing to do together. æTouching Me! æTouching You! Warm, sudsy water all over each other. æIt’s nice.æ

After we do that together, we can hang out in the bathroom where the counter is usually pretty solid, sit at the desk, or æI can lay down on the sofa or bed. æCome sit near by. æIt’s a chance for a close up to see the secret. While you are looking at me, breathing it in – let me touch myself so you can see how I get it going a bit. Warm it all up. æThis is good time to offer a foot rub, or if you are sitting at the other end, a shoulder to front massage. æReally. æWhile I’m touching myself, you can watch, and you can touch me, too, æjust not “there”, because I like playing with it. æIt is my secret & I am sharing it with you. Touching it all around it. æMassaging in some nice glide. æIt glistens when I do that, and it feels really good. æThis works into the perfect time for toy play. æYou can help. Watching a big, bright slick simulated shaft slide in and out has a certain hypnotic effect. æIf you watch it long enough, its like you can feel it as though it were your own. æI love that because you know I want you there. æYou can help me. æThere is so much you can ædo æwithout hitting hard to the grind on that button. Keep me excited without over stimulating because – well – you know: Touching me! æTouching you! If I feel good so do you …

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