Switch It Up: Reasons to See a Pro Switch

You’re a what

A pro switch„ a professional switch. Basically I’m a dominatrix, but sometimes I get spanked, too.î

Huh. I didn’t even know that was a thing.î

So goes the conversation every time I deign to explain to people exactly what it is that I do for a living. When I first started in my line of work, I figured that this kind of confusion would be limited to the vanilla ïcivilians’ out there. I’ve discovered, however, that a lot of my clients are also initially confused by my being a switch. The men who dominate me sometimes question my ability to properly dominate others, while many of the men who submit to me seem put-off by the idea of me ever submitting myself. What they’re really wondering is, ‘Can she REALLY be a sub/ Domme if she also does the opposite?’ Those misplaced fears are quickly allayed after a first session, when many ïtrue Dom’ types realize that one doesn’t need to submit all the time to be truly submissive in a specific moment, with a specific partner, or vice versa.

My regulars also come to recognize that my switchiness (for lack of a better term) has some distinct advantages. Dominant men who are just discovering their kink can come to me to learn how to dominate without having to submit themselves, and they can rest assured that if they’re ever tying me up too tightly, I’ll be able to let them know before any damage is done. Submissive clients appreciate that I’ve also experienced the physical and psychological sensations I inflict on them and that I come to our sessions with that deep sort of understanding. And of course, my switch clients love being able to explore both sides of D/s in my dungeon!

All BDSM professionals are (or should be!) talented and knowledgeable, and I would never claim to be of a higher caliber than the many excellent pro domme or pro sub women I know. I simply mean to point out that switches are equally good and that the stereotype of the switch as neither dominant enough nor submissive enough could not be further from the truth. When you’re scrolling through ads looking for a pro sub, don’t skip the switches! Consider the rush you’ll get knowing that you’re topping a woman who was recently wielding that same power, making sure she gets as good as she gives! If you’re a submissive yourself, think about how much more sadistic it is for a woman to cane you knowing viscerally just how it feels. Let go of the static notions of power play, and switch it up!

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