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I am in love with human connection of love and enchanted by individuality. The power of being open to be another person’s shelter, to listen to comfort and soothe the mind body and soul.

I am complicated and diverse I’m a real sweetheart if you let me be. I LOVE THE HUMAN CONNECTION. I ADORE THE SENSES. From your ears to your arms the slightest brush, the softest touch can be intoxicating, every look can fuel the fire. I love the moments when you are so connected to a another human when all pretenses are dropped and each is vulnerable to another. I love being real, being open and human. The locked eyes, soft touch, heart racing anticipation of the connection to the serene oasis.


Philosophy, Reigion and History are some of my favorite topics to dive into. I love Terrence Mckenna, Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle. I love learning anout new things, most topics interest me and I love exchanging knowledge. I enjoy comedians such as Carlin, Izzard and Hicks, My favorite author is Heinlien, I’ve read almost everyting he wrote many times over. I read Stranger in a Strange Land every year.

I enjoy the soul healing powers of a southern shore as much as the crisp fall air that carries the scent of snow. I’m a midwetsern girl so I love the Browns, warm apple cider and Garrison Kiellor yes, I miss his show.


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