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You will hear thunder and remember me and think; She wanted storms. Ana Ahkmatova

Sometimes it’s necessary to give yourself permission to indulge a little, to give into your most devious wishes, to let go and let someone take over. I want to disrupt your routine. I want to give you permission to be playful and to be excited.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a delightful dominant, an intoxicating inamorata, your partner in the perverse and bizarre and your sensual sapiosexual siren. I am a Creatrix. I enjoy building a scene through our mutual, authentic motivations, one where both of our needs are met. I enjoy the simple and the complex. I have a wide range of interests and an insatiable curiosity that accommodates universal sensuality and adventurous expeditions into the salacious. I have 10+ years experience as a lifestyle top and a long list of skills pertaining to BDSM, Fetish, Kink and Role Play. I have a strong feminine presence, a gorgeous face, caramel skin and curves that sit on a fit frame.

My expertise lie in my interest of the body and the instinctual impulses that throb beneath our skin and muscles. I am lead by desire and discovery. I want gain access to those hidden inclinations and forge new territories with our minds and our bodies. I want to take you away from your desk and computer and make you forget that you exist anywhere else but right here in the moment that we create.

So how do you choose to escape? What occupies your thoughts? What delights your senses? What fantasy has impressed itself upon your dreams and replays over and over before you fall asleep? Let me unlock the imperious thoughts that gnaw at the edges of your mind and pulse through your body.

Maybe you are interested in the intimate company of a truly original alterna-babe with a strong personality? Maybe you wish to explore the deep recesses of your mind? I am a confident, charismatic creature. My alternative beauty combined with my rare charm will leave you exhilarated. I thoroughly enjoy time spent getting to know a gentleman over a cup of tea or a glass of champagne, generating a connection that leads to catharsis.

Interests: Ass Worship, Leg Worship, Foot Fetish, High-Heel Fetish, Stocking Fetish, Boot Fetish, Lingerie Fetish, Dirty Panties, Long Hair Fetish, Golden, Spitting, Forced Consumption, Sploshing, Domestic Servitude, Trampling, Gender Play, Forced Feminization, Cuckolding, Forced Bi, Goddess Fetish, Humiliation and Degradation, Tickling, Slut Training, CFNM, Sensory Overload, Sensory Deprivation, Predicament Play, Impossible Predicaments, Tease and Denial, Strap/Spare Parts, Sensual Domination, Sissy Training, Slut Training, Service Training, Impact Play, Extreme Punishment, Role Play, Bondage, Mummification, Intimate Domination and more, more, more…

For a full menu and detailed descriptions of my interests, skills and equipment please visit my website.


I am mountain minx, kinky sensual creature who loves to spend time living and learning in this body. I have been a provider in Seattle for the past four years and pervy purveyor for the past ten.

I am professional dominant, kinkster, fetishists but also truly enjoy the old fashion company of a sensual gentleman. Please puruse my website to become better acquainted with my offerings or send me an email with inquiries.

I am busy lady. I am mixed media artist with a strong visual appetite, writer, tarot novice, gardener, avid reader, nature lover and observer. You can often find me exploring the beautiful forests of Cascadia listening to the gentle calls of birds, diving head first into cool waters and hiking up the side of a mountain with my dogs. I love literature and carry reading material with me everywhere in hopes that I may find a moment to bury my face in a book. Amongst my favorite things, other than books and the obvious hot connection are plants, with lilies and peonies being my favorite flowers, turquoise the color and the mineral, a good cheeseburger, music and record collecting and art museums. Wanna know more? Well you will just have to come and visit me.


I love a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady! First times friends should become familiar with my website and all of it’s offerings before contacting me. I built it just for you darling! Please note that vulgar, demanding and disrespectful gentleman will be met with silence.

I am always excited to read my email, so don’t disappoint. Your first email should contain: Your name, a photo (optional but appreciated), chosen screening option or references, two dates and times that work for you and what you seek in our time together. If you have questions please feel free to ask.


Classic Companion: 400/1hr 580/90min 760/2hrs

BDSM/Kink/Fetish: 260/1hr 340/90mins 420/2hrs

Any and all of these sessions can be mixed to make the most authentic experience. Questions? Please email me and ask!