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Milan is the second largest city in Italy and is Italy’s most modernized city. With a bustling financial and media district Milan is considered to be Rome’s economic capital. In addition to finance and banking, Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world and hosts some of the world’s largest fashion shows.

As a modern city, Milan boasts a large nightlife scene full of restaurants, clubs, bars, and shows. Milan arguably is one of Italy’s best places to visit and party and you’ll find some of Italy’s best clubs in and around Milan.

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Nightlife in Milan

Moscow Mule:Milan is full of luxury and style and the Moscow Mule located in center city Milan exemplifies just that. Inside the restaurant and bar, you’ll find the décor is stylish and definitely classier than your typical bar or restaurant. However, despite the classier décor, the overall ambience still manages to stay casual and pleasant throughout the day and night.

Likewise, you may think you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for a cocktail but the drink price is relatively inexpensive for standard Milan prices. The cocktail list is extensive and you can find some of the most ultra-premium spirits in the world.

Although Moscow Mule is small, you’ll come for the food and drinks and stay for the superior service and environment. Moscow Mule is the perfect place to take a special someone or a small group of friends.

Ginger Cocktail Lab: The cocktail movement has revolutionized drinking and the Ginger Cocktail Lab takes mixology to an entirely new level.

As you could expect, the long cocktail list comes with a massive array of ingredients and blends of spirits, almost as if the creators were mad scientists just throwing things into a drink to see if it tasted good.

Still, The Ginger Cocktail Lab highlights everything that is good about mixology. Your taste buds will go absolutely insane with the different sweet, sour, and downright weird blends of ingredients. If you like trying new things and want to really experience mixology at its’ finest, then the Ginger Cocktail Lab is a must visit.

Bar Cuore: Looking for something a little more “divey” in Milan? Head to Bar Cuore. Bar Cuore has everything you’d expect in a dive bar. Drinks are cheap, the crowd is incredibly laid back, and you could say it’s almost “hipsterish.”

While this may be a turn off to some people, others relish in the small, intimate setting. Couches and small tables are present throughout the bar and the entire bar is dimly light so you can enjoy a more intimate experience as you drink and eat.

If you’re in the mood to get a little competitive, then consider challenging someone to a game of foosball. There are also dartboards and other typical bar games as well. Everything about Bar Cuore screams dive bar and it is one of the best in all of Milan.

Alcatraz: Need a place with some more energy? Perhaps Alcatraz night club is the spot for you. As one of Milan’s few true nightclubs, Alcatraz is one of the best spots to go if you want to dance, party, and get drunk all night long into the wee hours of the morning.

Inside the club there are several bars throughout the club as well as a large dance floor for those with general admission. If you’re looking to spend a little extra coin you can get closer to the DJ with premium bottle service as well as couches and a little more room to party.

As far as music is concerned, most of the DJs are local, although some big named DJs have played at Alcatraz before. Your typical club music is predominately played but some hits and alternative tracks may sneak in every once in a while.

If the club scene is your thing, then Alcatraz is the spot for you to party in Milan. Few other clubs in Milan can match the environment and experience of Alcatraz and chances are you’ll have an amazing time dancing, partying, and drinking at Alcatraz.