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Seeker of fine wine, Hearty laughs, and an accomplice to share in them with.

One of my favorite moments is about an hour into dinner when the nerves have settled and we’ve gotten into a familiar rhythm. There’s laughter, talk of each other’s passions, and I may or may not be stealing food from your plate (I’ll make up for it later). Our gaze begins to linger with each subsequent glance ~ a moment so beautifully comfortable, neither of us wants to end the meal by asking for the check.

They tell me I’m supposed to introduce myself, so here goes nothing. I’m Talia, a beguiling woman in tech with a curious soul and a love of well… everything.

Seeing as you’re here, I can tell we have a few things in common. Not only are we curious souls craving those lingering moments, but we’re people willing to dip our toes into something a bit more hush hush to get them. Together, we’ll throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into those moments so beautifully comfortable, neither of us will want them to end.



Birthday celebrations all month long!

The Look

Talia Price is a 5'9" 27 year old ebony / latina woman with short black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


With interests varied and tastes eclectic, I make it my mission to seek out all of life’s pleasure.

A few of my pleasures:


Sensual jazz filled evenings

The feel of cashmere rubbing against my skin

Museum exploration

Movie nights! I love ordering takeout and watching films. Or maybe enjoying a 35mm showing in a quaint theatre.

Fresh peonies

That first bite of a delicious meal

Indoor climbing

Throwing pottery

Cave exploring

  • For my safety and yours, no one is exempt from screening. I promise to be discreet during this process and will happily sign an NDA, if necessary.
  • Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate same day bookings. Please plan ahead as my time books quickly.
  • 1 hour bookings are available Monday and Tuesdays


Most importantly

The getting to know you phase is something I thoroughly enjoy. I love a man who doesn’t mind my picking his brain and isn’t afraid to explore mine. Let’s enjoy an evening sharing in laughter, travel stories (maybe I’ll tell you about Thailand…) and a bottle of something delicious. See you soon!

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