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I present to you a red mane atop an hourglass figure.

Hi there! I’m Jacque.

I specialize in multi-hour to extended engagements, private travel, outings, social gatherings, etc. This is why my most popular and prioritized date structure is my clockless structure. Check out my website for more details! I blend in nicely in many different environments, not because I’m a ‘professional actress’. I do because it’s who I am. That being said, I stand out as well. A big personality, stubborn, strong-willed, quick-witted, sharp, present, and animated.

I offer a clockless structure. What that means is I do a per-date structure. If you want to stay for a full evening, great! If you want to stay for a couple hours, great! We simply see how the night unfolds. If you are comfortable with a more structured setting, I’m fine with that too, and we can schedule a more “timed” meeting. I prefer an untimed feel to our date.

I don’t want you to have to put on a persona. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably looking for the same thing. You just want to let your hair down. (Don’t have any hair? Even better lol!)

We are who we are, and we will probably fit together quite nicely. I do work to impress you, as that is reality. I look at this as though I am going on a first date with someone I want to ask me on a second, third, fourth date.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get to know me throughout my presence online, including a website, ads, blogs, social media, and reviews.

I will see you soon, my future suitor. ;)



2 Hours: 1200
Dinner Date: 1800 (3-4 Hours)
Clockless Evening: Please Inquire
Check in to Check Out: Please Inquire

Deposit might be required.

I ask for a 48+ hour notice.

I highly recommend booking in advance as I have very limited availability during these times.

Please see my website for benefaction details, especially my clockless evenings!

The Look

Jacque Jenesais is a 5'5", curvy, 36 year old caucasian woman with medium length red hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Disability.




If we get to know one another over time, you’ll find my interests are vast. I’ve lived a pretty colorful life and have experience in many areas other than men lol!


I am most attracted to gentle souls, respectful and kind. Please consider that I enjoy someone who feels I am an equal, and am a person.

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