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Raven hair

Hi there!

I’m excited to meet you! I’m glad you’re interested in us getting to know each other.

I’m going to start off by saying I’m 30# heavier since Covid, so I have some ways to stay updated on my current “look.” I want to make sure you know what’s up.

A little bit about me and why I’m here.

I am a (very) part-time companion. I consider you my recreation, not my job. What that means is, you’re affording me time away from home and treating me to a special night but really, I am treating you.

I have my pick of the litter because I can wait forever. But I choose you.

Does that make sense?

It it does, head over to my website to learn more about me. I have a contact page on there. I hope this works out! :)

My packages start at 2 Hours for $1200 and go up from there.

I’m available throughout the Chicagoland area with 48+ hour notice, and nationwide with 72 hour notice.

The Look

Jacque Jenesais is a 5'4", curvy, 38 year old caucasian woman with medium length black hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male only.


If we get to know one another over time, you’ll find my interests are vast. I’ve lived a pretty colorful life and have experience in many areas other than men lol!

I write music, love nature and scenery, love fine dining, intellectual/challenging discussions, and off-the-wall humor.


I am attracted to respectful and kind people. I only choose people I feel will be kind to me; therefore, I have great relationships in my life and work. :)

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