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My body is an expression of my art, from head to toe my creativity pours from my soul. I see my skin as my canvas, my tattoos are images that are representative of who I am, of how I’ve evolved.

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Of my many gifts, my greatest is my ability to help you feel at home in your sensualist nature, at ease in your kinkiness, and at peace with your pleasure. I delight in curating experiences that expand the notion of what you once understood pleasure to be that deliver you from your world and envelop you in mine. In this world, you will find yourself safe to explore your dark corners and shadowy depths. In this world, you become intimately acquainted with a longing you did not know you could possess. In this world you become free to let go, surrender, submit, learn, and play.

Join me in my spacious fully equipped dungeon. You will be restrained while a variety of impact impliments are used in a most elegant way. At my hands, you’ll find I can be gentle but also firm. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, my sessions are tailored to your experience and boundaries.

Over time I have learned what excites you, what titillates your delicate nerve endings. During session I often like to chat and get to know you. I always have a big smile on my face and you can easily tell I love what I am doing.

Visit My website for a more detailed description of what I offer.

Provide all screening info in initial contact to speed up the booking process. I reserve text & calling privileges for established clients. Please note that all new clients must be screened. This can be done painlessly through screening sites like P411, simple employment verification, or two references.

The Look

Domina Leela Sapphire is a 5'3", curvy, 31 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length auburn hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I create a space where we can unwind and let our guards down, rediscovering our authentic selfs. I seek connection with each of my clients to deepen trust and authenticity. I want a session with me to embody the relaxation of time spent with an old friend.

If it’s our first time meeting a small present is sure to bring you into my good graces. Scented candles or a potted plant are always welcomed.

I love spending chilly nights sipping tea or wine in a warm bath by candle light. Lush gifts and gift cards are greatly appreciated I am a glutton for a good bath, and everything at Lush is absolutely heavenly.


The best way to make initial contact is to complete the contact form on my website. I screen my calls and am often unable to chat on the phone.

My preferred method of communication is email. I reserve text & calling proviligages for established friends. Once you are fully screened we can communicate by text to finalize any details of our session.

It is an honor and privilege to spend time in my loving presence. As a low-volume Domina, I choose my clients carefully to ensure our compatibility. I value my health and wellbeing, as you should, so please do not see me if you are sick or have recently been sick.

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