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+Red hair, petite hourglass with rocking hip to waist ratio

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I present to you a red mane atop an hourglass figure.

I present to you a red mane atop an hourglass figure. A body as artistic and creative as her soul. Height-Weight-Proportional, yet tastefully curvy and feminine.

Hi! I’m Courtney. One of the top companions in the Chicagoland area and nationwide. I have a stellar reputation of almost seven years as scrupulously accurate and extremely selective. I’m also known to be a specific preference as opposed to one size fits all.

Really, what you see is what you get. I don’t “put on a persona” when we meet. This is why it’s best for me to be very selective. I don’t want to give that up simply for the sake of being a “chameleon” who can serve everyone. The person looking for me is not looking for that.

I specialize in multi-hour to extended engagements, private travel, outings, social gatherings, etc. I blend in nicely in many different environments, not because I’m a ‘professional actress’. I do because it’s who I am. That being said, I stand out as well. A big personality, stubborn, strong-willed, quick-witted, sharp, present, and animated.

What I do is try to find a person with whom I will be the right fit, so we don’t have to put on a persona. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably looking for the same thing. You just want to let your hair down. (Don’t have any hair? Even better lol!)

We are who we are, and we will probably fit together quite nicely.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get to know me throughout my presence online, including a website, ads, blogs, social media, and reviews.

I will see you soon, my future suitor. ;)

**Before we move along any further, you might ask why I am talking about myself with such a long introduction. I always wonder how one would choose to meet someone who only talks about what they can “do for you” and not who they “are.” I want to give you a bit of random information to go by so you have somewhere to start in your introduction when you fill out my form. I’d love to hear all about you, so I can properly “choose” you as well. Your turn!**

Packages start at 2 hours. Please contact me via the form on my website and have a fantastic weekend, won’t you?

**Check out my website! There are brand new photos popping up!**



Deposit & thorough screening is necessary before securing a date and time with me.

CC options available

Deposit: 25%
2 Hrs (Minimum) 900
3 Hrs 1200
4 Hrs (Dinner Date) 1400

Deposit: 50%
6 Hrs: 2000
Clockless Evening: 2400
Check-in to Check-Out: 3500

The Look

Courtney Chicago is a 5'5", curvy, 36 year old caucasian woman with medium length red hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.




If we get to know one another over time, you’ll find my interests are vast. I’ve lived a pretty colorful life and have experience in many areas other than men lol!


I am most attracted to gentle souls, respectful and kind. If you see me as an equal (or a goddess if you like,) we are a great match. Please fill out my form while including an introduction so I can get a glimpse of you before we meet. I will also add if you are bossy or alpha-male toward women, or looking for an “employee,” we’re not going to be a great match, and I wish you well in your search. :)

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