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Harlow is a 5'7", slender, all natural, 33 year old caucasian woman with long red hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

I am a spirited hedonist and kink enthusiast. I love the push and pull inherent in bdsm, fetish and fantasy play. I am skilled, interested and voracious. I love to rule over your electric body. From teasing, sensual and playful to more intense, strict and sadistic, I enjoy a rich breadth of play. Along with the sensual arts, I enjoy impact play, predicament play, endurance testing, professional hazing, fetish exploration and roleplay… I like good boys and . I am the girl gang you’ve dreamt about, the Power Boss you serve, the Nun you pray to, the Doctor you trust and Dommy Mommy you aren’t prepared for. Do check my website for all further details on spending time together.

Keeping the fire burning, XO Harlow ~Leather & Lace~


I am post modern muse and girl gang leader. I have a brain and body and I MUST use them both. I am an enthusiastic purveyor of life with a creative streak a mile wide. I am an artist, aspiring farmer, science & spirit geek, liberation freak and purveyor of bacchanalian delights.


Professional, thorough and courteous emails are a great way to reveal yourself to me.

When writing harlowleatherandlace@gmail.com

Please include the following:

  • your name and brief description of yourself
  • your interests in kink, eroticism and our time together
  • Let me know how you plan on screening if we are to move forward with a date ((below))
  • Dates & Times for getting together
  • How you came to find me

SCREENING: I offer two options for screening

  • Two Provider References including their email, website and details for how they remember you.
  • Employment Verification: Through publicly verifiable information (usually from a website) to show your active work in the world. I can email or phone, both from separate innocuous email/phone. Once we have concluded the employment verification, I will delete all info and merely note that we have successfully screened.

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