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Women like me are rarer than gold. Fully natural from head to toe, with long, thick, dark, flowing hair. Full of passion, life experience and undeniable feminine power.

The Look

Hairy Nikki Silver - Jezebel Jay is a 5'7", all natural, 25 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

Hello! I’m Jezebel Jay, also known as Nikki Silver…

Hello, I am a woman with many names, and more than a few sides to my dynamic personality. You can call me Jezebel.

I am an experienced and confident provider as well as a self made porn star, traveller, artist, all around adventurer and dreamer. I love carefully curating my site and my sessions to be the most ideally enjoyable, fulfilling and genuine for myself and my clients.

When we meet you will be surprised at how relaxed I am and how engaged I am with you, both in body and mind. I laugh easily and often, am naturally affectionate and I have been told time and again that my brilliant, hazel eyes are mesmerizing. I’ve always been a highly sensual person and passionate about many things, including but not limited to the sensual. In a society that encourage self repression, I am the antidote.

I have many sides to myself; from goofy girlfriend to commanding goddess, and everything in between. Indeed I frequently oscillate between being very silly and fun, and firm and powerfull.

I enjoy being effortlessly dominant, of imposing my will on others with softly whispered commands and my unique, feminine power of seduction. I have a firm hand and a disarming confidence that will bring you to your knees.

Whether your preference is teaching and sensual touch or rough and dominant, let’s explore your fantasies, your hidden fetish! I have an undeniable intuition that I use to pull you just enough out of your comfort zone to really experience what it is you are desiring. I revel in the power of teasing, in fact, in turns me on immensely to tease someone who worships me and thinks I’m beautiful.

Though I have a big personality and bring that to my sessions I truly enjoy the more therapeutic aspects of being a provider. If you have something you would like to work through or explore I’d love to hold your hand through it and have lots of experience in that type of work. Please don’t be afraid to tell me your insecurities or think that you need to ‘impress’ me.

Now onto the physical. You can see what I look like in photos but I think my vision of myself is worth sharing.

My body is sumptuous and soft, yearning for your attentive touch. I stand 5’6” though many think I am taller because of my commanding presence. I have tanned, olive toned skin. My background is Italian and Jewish in true New York fashion, but I am often thought to be Latina or Persian, (I do speak ‘OK’ spanish). My hazel eyes will glean with delight while you run you hands through my dark silken hair. I have effortless and very active smile. My breasts are a generous 34D, my body is more on the athletic side, with strong thighs leading up to a round butt. My body hair is a deep brown/black and has been growing(untrimmed and unshaved) for 6+ years flowing all down my body. From my curly armpit hair, to my little happy trail into my cute, ungroomed bush onto my fit thighs and especially thick on my calves. I’ve been growing out the hair on my head for the last few years and it now reaches the middle of my back. It is a beautiful deep brown and naturally wavy.

I do not use any chemicals on my body or hair, I never wear deodorant, and occasionally use essential oils like cacao or jasmine, and coconut oil. I live a healthy lifestyle; I don’t smoke tobacco, barely drink and get lots of exercise, sunshine and healthy food.

I am the natural goddess of your dreams.

I love my life, I am very blessed but I am also highly driven. I have created a magical world for myself of freedom and pleasure; join me?

I have many reviews which are linked to on my personal website, (link in this ad.)

I am currently on hiatus and will only be seeing clients in NYC, NY September 27th-October 9th. You may email me to book an appointment for this trip or to be on my general mailing list.


I will only be available in NYC, NY on select dates.

Available 11am - 11pm, incall/outcall
Tuesday September 27th
Wedsday September 28th
Friday September 30th
Saturday October 1st
Wedsday October 5th
Thursday October 6th
Saturday October 8th
Sunday October 9th

Outcalls to Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens

Incalls at West Village Studio - $70/hr additional Outcalls

I am in extremely high demand on these trips so contact me ASAP to reserve your spot.

I am also available for doubles with the very hairy and beautiful Kisa Fae(in photo with me) for more photos of her and information please visit my website.

My main interest is sexuality. Mine, yours, theories there of, the expression of sexuality and sex positivity. I believe in freedom, yours, mine, everyones.

I am a feminist and I believe in the empowerment and indeed worship of women. If you are not contacting me out of a deep respect, appreciation and admiration; keep moving.

I own and run my own porn site/production company, Naughty Natural dot com. While I certainly pour my heart and soul into that project, I value the connections I make through escorting just as much, if not more. There is just something so magical about meeting a stranger, who has fantasized about you and is allowing you to take them on a journey through pleasure and self discovery and you get to go on that journey with them.

I live for the outdoors. In my ‘off time’ (and often ‘on’ time as well!) I swim, garden, go on hikes, travel, kayak, etc. I am polyamorous and a nudist and have many lovers of all genders. Just check out my twitter - xnikkisilverx to keep tabs on what I’m up to and where I’ll be next.

I want to know what turns you on. I get just as excited having conversations about our desires as I do fulfilling them (well, almost) I want to know what you want to me to do to you and vice versa. You will find yourself comfortable discussing your deepest fantasies, perhaps things you’ve never told anyone else with a beautiful woman who is completely nonjudgmental and delighted to have the opportunity to help you explore yourself.

You will find that my presence of body hair is not the only alternative thing about me. Many people say I tend to fit in better with their ida or experience of the 60’s than the present moment. I’m polyamorous, live in a nudist communal house, go to sex parties, spend as much time as I can outdoors and dancing, and live my life more or less on my whims. I connect with others very quickly and some of my most fulfilling experience have been with strangers I never meet again.

I love women, especially unshaven women and have different friends of mine available. I will be available w/ the very beautiful Kisa Fae on this trip to NY, don’t miss an unforgettable time with 2 amazingly furry ladies!

Kisa loves to play submissive to my dominant side and we’d love to include you in that dynamic in whatever way that makes sense for you. Much more info on my website.


I require at least one verifiable provider reference or a verifiable professional reference. If you have any questions about what these are please let me know.

I have a few different session types available and LOTS of information about all of them on my website. Please go to it(linked on this page) for a full explaination of my services and rates.

I am only available on select dates in NYC, (please see above) I am in very high demand on these trips so contact me now if you wish to meet me.

Feel free to email me if you wish to be on my general travel list and recieve updates as to when and where I will be available.

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