+FAST AS CAN BE… sinfully sweet and quite addictive.


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” -Lucille Ball

I am half Latina and half Irish. 100% exotic mix of fun, fantasy, and always light hearted. I enjoy the time we spend together, and try to make the very most out of every encounter. I am very vocal in both my wants and needs. I know how to make our time together both unforgetable and I try to stay easily accessible. The easiest way to contact me for an appointment is to just call. I tend to have a few text and emails, and I answer them as quickly as possible. I am always eager to know any helpful hints and tips to making my fan base grow. I am very interested in making long term regular clientel. So I will just be honest- I’m looking for A FEW GOOD MEN who would like to get together almost immediately for mutually benifital relationships! I love getting massages, taking warm bubble baths, and filling the room with romantic scented candles.

If you are ever interested in taking me out on a shopping trip I will almost always take you up on it. I like to start out sessions over conversation to set the mood and get used to you. I have always been that way. Please let me know if you are in a hurry or pressed for time… I am very clean have impeccable personal hygiene. I am freshly showered and shaved prior to every session, and I know that is the way I can get the most out of every session. In a perfect world every client I encounter will take the opportunity either take a bubble bath with me or take the second option which would be this… to wash up before we meet or even in my bathroom upon arrival. If there is anything I can say or do to make you laugh, blush or smile… expect me to do this as often and as natural as you would with any other upscale companion whom has a sweet spot just for you and is just as sweet as pie “SCOUTS HONOR” Make me an offer I can’t refuse and I will show you the true characteristics of a girl you will never want to lose!


I like social drinking and will request that you please bring alcoholic beverages when we first meet. I feel like it is a social lubricant and it makes me more comfortable to show you me. It takes away my shy side. Also, it gives me a confidence in you - the fact that you are a true gentleman and that you are not at all afraid to buy a lady a drink. Ecspecially a lady like me, and it makes me feel better about everything really.

I am extremely interested in meeting a few good men.

1) A man that could give me stability-preferably someone who could help me get into a rent house or an apartment I’m tired of just living in hotels. I can pay rent I just need a friend to help me get my foot in the door.

2) I need reliable transportation and anyone with a cheap car for sale, a dealership, or any helpful ideas on how I could go about getting this.

3) Someone with knowledge of the legal system to have in my back pocket as a go to just in case anything should ever come up and I need some help with something.

I am interested in singing. I’m quite good at it. I love karaoke. I love you tube videos. I will let you hear me sing if you want me to. I would actually enjoy that very much. If you see me sing you will see a side of me that is playful, determine, and extremely happy. I get really into it, and I sing very difficult songs that are not easy to sing. I enjoy the ones that are the most difficult.

I love getting massages I will ask for a massage normally towards the beginning of our first meeting. Something I really need want and enjoy from you is that and also this… shopping for lingerie at Victoria Secrets with men cuz they help me get a guys perspective which is awesome. I also love Victoria’s Secrets e-gift cards sent to my email from my admirers so I can go shopping for all my favorite items.

MY VERY FAVORITE IS GOING TO SPA CASTLE - If you ever want major brownie points and a way to really impress me… book a room for a few days there ad make it a point to book a couples massage . I am so interested in that. I could use a spa retreat, and I think I deserve it. I just can’t afford it often.

I like getting them to do my mani/pedi and they also throw in facials with the couples massage package, as well.

I like going to the bath house and also the spas and saunas and the hydrotherapy pools in the center of the place and the bar you have to swim up toYou would definitely be on top of my all time favorite clients list.

I do enjoy going to adult movie theatre, shopping there, and I love role play outfits. If I dress up in one, then so do you - they also have to correspond and that’s my only requirement about that. You also have to fund the entire evening… if you ask me out on a date I don’t pay for anything- you pick up the tab everytime and everywhere we go naturally, and are happy to do so.


one on one $200/hr $100/half hour

2 hours $500

3-4 hour dinner date $700

for 3-4 hr dinner date $700 each

multi hour available

I expect you to treat me with respect. I am a true lady in every sense of the word. Please relax and enjoy your time with me, and I will do the same in return. If you are interested in meeting please visit my website and fill out a contact form and send it to me If you would like to get all screening and verification handled prior to our first conversation. Things run much more smoothly this way, and we are much more able to concentrate on other things. This let’s me know you are really serious about meeting me and have nothing to hide. You can just call or text if you like, but if you can at least look over my website you will have most of your questions answered already, and you will just need to discuss 2 things… when and where you would like to meet me.