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+Seek and ye shall find the dvine essence of Essence D’Vine…

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Greets luv,

Though some are attracted to and impressed by gleaming introductions boasting of all that can be expected from their prospective companion, I personally prefer a more natural approach. One that allows the opportunity for us to get a feel for one another thus painting a picture of our own. This can happen while sipping a glass of wine at your place or mine, while listening to a live band in a casual setting or simply chatting a bit by phone. If you’re the hands on type I’d suggest that you indulge in THE D’Vine Full Body Rub of your choice to help break the ice. No matter what the choice is yours and our options are practically endless. In any event, I will gladly spoil you with all of my attention.

Seek and ye shall find the dvine essence of Essence D’Vine.

Until then,

Essence D.

The Look

Essence D'Vine is a 5'5", curvy, all natural, 33 year old black woman with short black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.


In all I am the laid back, go with the flow type who will try just about anything once. Well, anything except pork. I have many loves, but of them all I would have to say my first is nature. Anything having to do with nature makes my heart sing, dance, smile and cry tears of joy all at once. Add a cabin in the hills surrounded by wilderness and you have stolen my heart. I’m pretty simple. Another of my loves is art, particularly music. I’m especially fond of live jazz, Soul and old jazz standards like those sung by Etta James, Nina Simone and Billy Holiday to name a few familiar names. Oh! I am also a curious wanderer. When the the opportunity to explore presents itself I do not blink and eye.


COMMON COURTESY AND RESPECT ARE OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE! I.E. Treat me the way you want to be treated and we will get along FAMOUSLY!

SCREENING: Screening is a mandatory prerequisite! Why? Because I love myself. Please provide refrence info. at first contact.

ESTABLISHED: Two references from reputable providers with an active online presence. Name, contact info and etc.

NO REFERENCES: Email a photo of yourself holding your current ID, passport or work badge.

If neither of the above options suit you your full donation is required before set time aside. NOTE: Before donating please send an email introducing yourself so that we can get better acquainted.

AVAILABILITY: Unless noted otherwise with proper 24 hour advance notice I am available 24/7. (Add $50 for same day)

DEPOSIT: A deposit of 25% or $50+ is required by anyone who wishes to set time aside for the first time. Your deposit is based on your location and desired service. NOTE: Contact me via email or reference my site for details.

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