Geneviève Baptiste

+Career Girl turned Confidant Companion & Coordinator of Decadent Adventures

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“Nothing is so healing as the human touch.” -Bobby Fischer

The Look

Geneviève Baptiste is a 5'4", slender, all natural, 25 year old black woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

There are many ways a girl can entice a man. Through sight, sound, even taste. I prefer touch. The simple touch that shoots electricity up and down your spine. A warm embrace that is soon followed by sparks and fireworks. My touch is not for the faint of heart. It is both invigorating and subdued. It is gentle and soft yet aggressive and intense. It requires an understanding and mutual respect as well as a mutual undertamding. My touch is eager, fun, addictive and so many things that are better left unsaid and experienced.

My name is Geneviève and I am what fantasies are made of. I stand 5’4, 120 pounds the perfect petite hourglass figure. I am often told I have the maturity of someone twice my age even though I look younger than I actually am. I have the quality you crave with the tenacity you’ve grown to expect.

I’m so happy you’ve found me! I know it wasn’t easy as I am very low volume and advertise as such. I am a discreet companion to travelers and businessmen who enjoy great conversation over fine wine and delicious treats. Men who prefer to spoil and be spoiled and have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. I’m a new age “Career Girl.” I work hard by day and indulge in decadent adventures by night. Texas is where I lay my head, but I often travel to the Bay Area for business, with a bit of pleasure sprinkled in. I keep my worn passport near in case of unexpected rendezvous. I’m the perfect paramour for overseas business trips, tropical getaways, or safari adventures. I take it since you’ve come this far your eager to learn more about me. Take some time to view my website, you’ll find more info about me as well as tantalizing pics, and booking information. I look forward to finally meeting you




On any given day you can find me:

  1. Perusing Museums and Art Galleries
  2. Catching a local Play or Musical (Oh how I love musicals!)
  3. Volunteering at my favorite Charity/Organization
  4. Cooking or lack thereof…
  5. People watching

My Interest include:

  1. Dance
  2. Humanitarianism (that’s an interest right?)
  3. Photography
  4. Travel
  5. Putting a smile on strangers faces



  • Hello Handsome (1hr) - $500
  • More Acquainted (2hrs) - $1000
  • Wine and Dine (4hrs) - $1800 *My Favorite

I prefer longer engagements with a select few. Stimulating conversation, paired with good wine are the perfect aphrodisiac.

Please check my website for availability, rates, and “Fly Me To You” packages.

Screening and deposits are required for all bookings. You must fill out a screening form on my website to correspond with me. I ask that you supply 2 recent (within 6 months) references or employment information. If you do not I will not engage in conversation with you.

Deposits must clear within 48 hours of my arrival to the Bay Area. My availability is very limited, deposits ensure that your time is allocated on my schedule. Without it I can not guarantee my availability.

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