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+A tantric butterfly. Raising vibrations with mystical touch

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Make today Epic then let it go. Like Life

Traveled around the world and now finally leaving states for a few years working sustainability and eco building in Shamanic village in South America so am pretty serious about my tantra and my path. But till end of Fall am really happy about sharing the taoist/hindu/shamanic Tantra offering I bring to festivals and groups on a more one on one life stage

I am certified in different types of massage, but I will let my work speak for itself. I am always very pleased to offer you various types of massage modalities for your relaxation and well being like: Tantric, Tao, Lomi- Lomi, etc…and overall a special intuitive massage session, where you are like a canvas and I paint on it with my loving and caring hands to open your heart.

I offer a sacred ritual combining Nuru, conscious sacred connection. Some will experience fire under skin or full body reaction of unblocked energy centers and others experience deep relaxation and a profound state if mindfulness and nurturing which is exactly just right at times. Although advanced tantra is also available for you to explore initial free consultation non judgemental open chat is required to better suit your level and desired outcome, goals etc

*credentials in Thai Massage and Nagual breathwork and Tantric massage

I will be teaching Qi kung as well as online so appointments are recommended. Always at least 2 hours can work but with respect for my time is appropriate these days with everyone’s busy schedule.

The Look

Thekalilotusexperience is a 5'6", slender, 38 year old latina / native american woman with long hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, and Women.


I have had several art gallery presentations and ha b.c e two wonderful degrees I employ in my life practice for helping others obtain grants through grant writing and content writing.

I still love art if course

I enjoy the ocean and cook on private yachts on occasion

Yoga and chi gong nei gong tai chi are all active life practices of mine.

As a personal chef at times of course I love food. Mainly non processed. Farm to table. But I can wait till September and the farm. Si pretty adaptable.

I have music on 24/7 if alone.

And of course moving off grid I have done it before and is my main passion.

I do eco building, aquaponics, hydro, tilapia pond water to irrigation, under and above ground green houses and more. So great love for the land and our survival.

Dancing is a huge de stress and intellectual conversation from teslian coils to medicinal activism. Etc. Good living productive stuff.


I value everyone’s path and am pretty taoist compassionate in my life so how people are with me is huge I have an open mind and am nurturing however very much into setting boundaries, discussing likes, dislikes and valuing your expectations

I appreciate hearing the tone in a person’s voice and feeling their vibe.

Making sure you have a great true different experience is my main goal.

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