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Khloe Valentina is a 5'4", slender, 25 year old latina woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

Welcome to my new world. I would like to invite you to browse around my web site and to discover or re-discover this lovable, charming, and gorgeous sensual doll I have often been called. I was known as Mila Mille and have had the pleasure, over the last year, to travel across the country with an agency developing intimate bonds with amazing gentlemen.

​I found the experience to be very rewarding yet the desire I have to share sensations and happiness is still insatiable. I want to slow things down and fully enjoy every moment. Now, being independent will allow me to have a more flexible schedule and to spend more time in those places where the best memories are created.

I have also grown my love for fine food, romantic retreats, and sexy weekends out of town but not alone, only at the arm of a classy date, a gentlemen connoisseur.

​If that is you, I have been waiting for you to reach out and start on this journey or continue what we have started. I will make your colleagues at work events jealous to see you with such an elegant, goregous, and classy girlfriend. I will give you the roller coaster of sensations you have been looking for and ensure that some will make you blush and leave your head spinning.


Big dreams, Good music, & Expensive taste


It is important that the time we spend together is simply flawless so I thought I would give you a few hints on what is important to me:

  • Being on time is EXTREMELY important. If you are more than 15min late it will cut into your time.
  • Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.
  • EVERYONE that i meet will go through the screening process.
  • I have the upmost respect for every gentlmen I meet, please do the same with me and treat me with the care every lady deserves.
  • Don’t be rude, disrescpectful or trivial in the way you communicate with me either before or during our rendez-vous.
  • Outfit requests are more than welcome.
  • I will always be ready for you, looking pretty and freshly showered but I understand that in your busy life you might have been running around all day and rushing out of the office at the last minute to come to see me so I will always have fresh towels for you to use when you visit.
  • If we meet at your place, please take the extra few minutes to freshen up before I arrive and get our date started the right way.
  • When we meet and in order to eliminate any akwardness, simply leave my donation in a very visible place, preferably in an envelope immediately upon arrival.
  • My donation rates are NON NEGOTIABLE. Any attempt at negotiation will arise in immediate termination of our conversation and/or date.
  • Have your ID available for me to inspect. If you do not trust me enough to show your ID then we can not go any further during our meeting. This is for safety reasons only.
  • Please do not over stay date. If you would like to extend the date simply ask and have the additional donation for the time you would like to spend.
  • Cancellation policies apply.

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