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Miami Escort

+ I am “The Ultimate Aphrodisiac”

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Fort Lauderdale


BDSM, Escorts, Massage

Virtual Dating Details

Yes, I offer long distance companionship! Just because we’re all doing our part to #flattenthecurve doesn’t mean you have to be lonely or bored! I can think of ways to help you spend the time! ;)

Daily $200
Weekly $500
Monthly $1,500
OR if you only have a limited time, $50 per 15 minute increment.

Includes real-time photos! Text only, please.

Mistress Mona’s Avatar

I am “The Ultimate Aphrodisiac”


I was born to dominate.
Men, they were born to serve me.
Domination is my nature.









Strong personality




Read my profile and the test below carefully.

Look at my photos, my texts, my music.

Have cultural / socio / economic / financial conditions.

If you do not know the relevance and meaning of a Domme, find out before approaching me.

Basic requirements to serve me are:


commitment to the choices you make,




intelligence and

appearance care.

You will always be in evaluation, so don’t lie.

A single mistake can invalidate all your hits.

Under no circumstances do I discuss a relationship with a you

You exist to plesasure me not the other way around.

I like comfort, to be well treated, pampered, gifted, pleased and taxed, according to My pleasures.

If you don’t know who you want to serve, don’t bother me!

Whathapp, FaceTime and / or Skype only when I decide.
Don’t ask.

You will serve Me in my home when I decide that you are ready for it.

To be chosen you will have to stand out among the others.
You will have to get my attention.
I am hard to be won over.

Messages with questions whose answers are here, or with questions without a previous introduction message, will be ignored.

Inappropriate language messages will also be ignored and the members who sent them will be blocked.

I hate vulgarity!

The Look

Mistress Mona is a 5'6", curvy ebony woman in her early 40's with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.




Health, fitness & nutrition.

Ran my first 1/2 Marathon age 45 years younger! I have a identical twin sister!

Cuisine: I’m a foodie! I prefer the out-of-the-way, hidden gem type places that the locals frequent.

Traveling. Favorite places visited thus far: Hamburg , Toronto, Bangkok, London, Bahamas, Memphis, New York City San Francisco . Still on the bucket list: Iceland, Japan, South Africa, New Orleans, Brazil and Fuji Islands

I’m a huge moviephile and love watching a good movie or going to to the theater for a live production. Favorite movies: Boomerang, followed in close second by “Lady Sings the Blues. Farvorite TV for now “GOT”, Killing Eve, Sherlock Homes, and Peaky Blinders

Favorite Authors: Alan Ball, Annie Rice and of course E.L. James

Favorite books: Becoming, 50 Shades of Grey series. Any Annie Rice novel…

I am still down with Miami Dolphins(1972) and The Heat!

I am the proud Founder and Owner of The Legendary “Senusal Red Room” of South Florida.

To be continue in person!



Prospective Clients: If you’re interested in visiting with me, please save us both time by inquiring via one of the forms on my website and including the appropriate information with your first contact. Screening is required for all new suitors. Inquiries without the necessary screening information won’t be processed. Please, initiate the booking process at least twelve hours before your desired appointment time.

Detailed: name, age, profession, marital status, weight, height, habits, neighborhood, city, state, with whom you live, experiences, interests, limits, availability

Be objective!
I will respect what is in it.
If you want to
drive according to your roadmap, I suggest you try to be a Dominator.

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