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+An Exotic Fantasy of Racy, Romantic Passion!

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Come and indulge with me in a luxuriously provocative escape from everyday quandaries!

For the gentleman who is intrigued by genuine and provocative connections, allow me to introduce myself.

Currently a student and model I make sure to fit in an intense workout every morning to maintain a flawless figure and magnetic energy. My willowy yet busty frame and gorgeous face is just the ribbon wrapped around a treasure of grace and intellect. Watch as my amber colored eyes light up as we laugh over a glass of champagne or a beautiful omakase dinner. Within the first moments of our time together you will soon discover that I am a delightful paragon not to be compared.

Naturally a romantic I am inspired by natures beauty. You can often find me meditating near the water or patronizing flesh flower markets looking for interesting flowers to bring home to arrange. As far as how I unwind, I love to socialize with freinds at some of the cities best jazz bars or gallery hop throughout Chelsea. I also spend my free time working with different charity organizations as philanthropy (especially with organizations that benefit our youth) is extremely important to me. I think the best connections are built through sharing ideas and opinions not just on our immediate world but on life around us. I always welcome arousing conversation and ranging from light hearted and hilarious topics to deep and intense thoughts on global news.

Let me be the luxurious distraction you have been looking for. With each time we meet I can guarantee you the intrigue will grow more and more into a doting craving. I’ve always been a risk-taker so why don’t you indulge a bit and join me?

Until we meet,



  • Dining and cooking, always looking for a culinary adventure!
  • Exploring galleries and museums
  • Walking around the city and discovering new nooks and crannies
  • Interior Design and Architecture
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Reading
  • Designing floral arrangements and exploring gardens
  • Vintage Shopping


Please email my lovely assistant’s, Elina & Kylie, to inquire about setting up an appointment with me - I look forward to meeting you soon!

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