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Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers not thunder.

A book, a quiet place, an interesting conversation, learning, relaxing in the water.

I’m a simple-hearted woman, I don’t need many things to feel indulged yet sometimes they seem rather hard to find. I’m curious, I talk a lot, learn and enjoy the company of intelligent people.

Be aware that I like to joke and talk a lot, I warned you! I put up faces sometimes and really, I don’t care if I am the best arm candy you ever had at your side or not. That’s not my duty. I am there to learn from you, to talk about subjects such as creativity, design, online businesses, social marketing, art, fashion, cats, unicorns or whatever subject you are passionate about and I can hear while I see your eyes gleaming because of it. I am curious by nature, in fact curiosity is what drove me to being a part-time escort and I find myself very comfortable in the company of a great mind. Life is too short, let’s dive into the stars!

I am not a fan of make-up neither heels. I use comfortable clothing but I don’t mind wearing something sexy from time to time, it makes me feel empowered. I love my body, my curves and my pear shape. And I love getting barefeet as soon as I enter a private room!

I am a part-time student and worker, escorting is also part of my life but I can’t do it a lot of time, therefore I prefer to meet with fewer people but in a very rewarding way for both.

Let me be the heiress of your mind.

The Look

Lilu is a 5'4", curvy, 28 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I’m an artist. Writing, painting, designing and creating worlds fuel my heart and give me the sparkle in my eyes. I dedicate most of my time to all my arts and design but I do like to have some exclusive dates from time to time with discerning gentlemen who go beyond appearance and wander into minds. I’m sapiosexual and if you feel something special reading this, guess what… I’ll do with you too :)


I’m available only on afternoon and early night since I study in the mornings. I recommend a few days to ensure that your desired date is free as I’m a very busy person.

I don’t do overnights neither travel.

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