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Ours is a sensual adventure that sometimes gets a little wild in private. It is an affair that invigorates you because you are with a woman who harbors no inhibitions.

Passion spins out of control and that’s the way we like it. Keeping our hands off each other is nearly impossible, and sometimes we get down and dirty the second we meet. Intellectual compatibility prolongs the evening while we cannot stop exchanging smiles and laughs. That is, until we reach the bedroom and and I’m at your mercy…or you’re at mine.

You love the way I look - classy, sexy and elegant; you feel undeniable pride when we are in public. But you crave equally what’s hidden - my stunning, hourglass figure, exotic Latina features and tight curves that were made for your body. I am petite yet curvaceous at 5’3”, with an all natural figure of 34F-24-38. I am soft spoken and demure at first, but quick to become affectionate and extroverted. You bring out the naughtiness in me which really turns you on.

You find yourself smiling a lot and getting aroused in places you shouldn’t. We enjoy a rapturous liaison filled with erotic interludes, accented by overtures of stimulating conversation. All too soon, we must say our good-bye’s, but that’s okay… You know where to find me.


$600/ One Hour

$900/ Ninety Minutes

$1,100/ Two Hours

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