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+Soft + hourglassy, and just a bit sassy.

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The doting, doe-eyed, gal of your dreams.

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The woman you view in these photos is, indeed, me! I take pride in being able to represent myself accurately; you will find, in my gallery, an array of photos taken professionally or by my own hand. My high cheekbones, hourglass figure, and full bottom are completely natural thanks to my good genes. I am in my early 20’s with dark brown hair and darker eyes. I stand five foot five, with a soft hourglass figure at 140 lbs.

I am an introverted-extrovert; I love surrounding myself with new and interesting company, at the same time I quite enjoy staying in for the night to watch Netflix. However, my extroverted self tends to win most of the time. To me, theres nothing better than indulging in some witty banter over a glass of Chardonnay at a quaint cocktail lounge. Letting my fingertips brush against yours. Locking eyes with you, unable to look away, fixated on what may happen after we finish our drinks.

While I present myself as poised, I’m truly a goofball at heart. Engaging in some witty banter or some light hearted debate (Star Wars or Star Trek?) will likely happen during our time together. Those who wish to be in my company should be just as charmed by my whimsical side as they are my spicy side! When you’re with me, you can feel comfortable being your unique self— quirks and all! I love getting to know every sense of who you are, what your passions are. Whisper them into my ear and feel my face turn warm, flushed with excitement.

$400 HH (touring cities ONLY)

$700 1H

$1000 1.5H

$1200 2H

$1600 3H

$2000 4H

The Look

Bella Cordier is a 5'5", curvy, 23 year old caucasian / latina woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Film Photography (35mm is my chosen format) | Romantic Era Poetry | Mob Movies (Good Fellas, Casino, The Godfather) | Wine (dream date is a wine tasting in Nappa) | Yoga and Hiking | Cat Videos— or just watching my cat do silly things | Exquisite Restaurants (hoping to try at least 5 Michelin Stars per year!) | Live Music— anything from jazz to metal to r&b | Programming and Web design— I am a total newbie, and only know the basic of a few languages | Reddit (does that count as an interest? lol)


If you’re seeing this ad, that means I’ll be in your city for a select few dates. I highly prefer and recommend requesting a date well in advance as my time gets spoken for rather quickly. However, don’t hesitate to reach out for same-day requests. I will always make time, if I can, while on tour.

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