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Inari Popcorn

+Redheaded Librarian & Weirdo Par Excellence

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It’s only with great vulgarity that you can achieve real refinement, only out of bawdy that you can get tenderness.
- Lawrence Durrell

Hi there, Internet stranger!

Much like you, I contain multitudes.

I’m a tall, zaftig, redheaded goofball with an infectious joie de vivre and the silliest laugh you ever did hear. I’m also an actual librarian with an unquenchable curiosity about people, life, ideas…you know, the small things. I’m a refined vulgarian, an erudite clown, a pragmatic contrarian, a very serious absurdist, a collection of lovable quirks swathed in soft skin.

So, who are you? What do you really want? You’ve got too many responsibilities, and never enough time. Perhaps you’re suffering from a touch of ennui. You crave connection, excitement, you want to be truly seen and understood. Well, lucky you found me!

Together let’s create a space away from the banalities of the workaday world, a bubble of reciprocal generosity full of laughter and fun and ecstatic delirium that chases away the darkness. Let’s cuddle and whisper bad jokes and eat our favorite junk food and surrender ourselves completely to pleasure. Sounds nice, right?

The Look

Inari Popcorn is a 5'10", curvy, 33 year old caucasian / latina woman with long red hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


So, so many. Here are a few:

Currently undertaking deep dives into semiotics, linguistics, and Imagineering.

I love to learn, from books (I’m compulsively autodidactic,) and especially from people who are passionate about their subject.

Art history and theory excites me- and I make an excellent personal art docent.

Film (particularly arthouse, cult, horror, sci-fi, documentaries, and classics); books (I’m pretty omnivorous in my reading habits); self reflection.

Plus, I’m always questing for perfect pastrami.


For your safety and mine, I do require screening information before we meet, no exceptions. Please visit my website’s contact page for the kind of information I require for screening.

Any messages containing explicit language will be immediately deleted.

Donations are for my time and companionship only.

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