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Welcome to my profile.


I could go on about my accomplishments and superlative traits - my main concern is making a quality connection with you, giving you my undivided attention and making sure our unique experiences turn into lifelong memories.

I am available to a select few. I feel at my best when we plan our meetings ahead of time, giving room for preparation.


Being with me is like meeting your longtime internet crush for the first time.
Usually self-assured individuals, we’re both a bit nervous meeting someone new. We’re imagining what a musical, artistic, adventure-filled future would look like, and how we can maximize our experiences to their fullest. I’m here to help lead us through an unforgettable evening, or accompany you in enjoying quiet time in public or private.

Wherever we meet, I turn heads as I saunter across the room. Onlookers shower us with compliments… they are curious of how we became an attractive pair. Sitting at a candlelit table or by suite curtains, we get to know each other better.

My voice is sweet to your ears - quiet enough so no one else can hear our plans - and only you know what to expect what is hidden beneath my outer shell. :) Together, myself enjoying being your friend and fervor, sharing our gifts, talents, joys, and predilections gives us many ways to enjoy our time together.


Others praise my articulatedness, kindness, grace, open-mindedness in discussion and activity planning, and being sweet. I won’t state the obvious… ;)

I spend most of my time catching up on the news, being more social in different cities, going to backgammon clubs, trying new activities like watching polo or taking care of my plants, watching fine art performances, going to dance class, running and lifting weights, eating healthy, and thinking about my next art project.
You can find me bouncing around behind my webcam or strolling the streets of another city looking for the next best activities for the year.

Experiment with understated sexiness that explodes into wild enthusiasm INFJ/Ps rarely share easily, or explore the hidden facets in me… Switch, Sutra… leave your preconceptions at the door —

be pleasantly surprised. ;)


I believe companionship should be a worry-free experience. I do my best to remind others to keep their personal and private lives separate. It is very easy to get lost in a fantasy that just seems all too real, :) however safety and everyone’s wellbeing come first.

Mutual care, respect and responsibility belong in all kinds of relationships including professional ones.

The Look

AnyaRenoir2 is a 5'4", slender, 23 year old ebony woman with long black hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male only.




Admiring high quality lingerie and heels up close… getting lost in the textures of their fine fabrics, painstaking detail and beauty -

Going through a beauty ritual for hours, being spoiled with a bubble bath, going into a flow state perfecting my makeup and hair, and doing my own nails -

Finding our about your quirks, the possibilities… us surrounded by ticklish sights, sounds, and other sensations that make our visions real -

Living vicariously through the main characters of a ballet, or through the principals themselves -

Seeing pictures vividly through music alone -

Experiencing some of the best things a city has to offer with someone new -

Continually finding answers to life’s toughest questions, learning from someone else’s perspective -

Finding ‘good’ and ‘fun’ in most people, instilling the belief that you can find something beautiful, attractive, or exciting in whomever you meet -


If I am answering your inquiry, I will ask for whatever screening information required to schedule. If the following information submitted cannot be used to verify you:

- valid, registered email address

- valid, registered phone number

- board handle

- recent reference (one year)

I will ask for the following:

- Full name

- picture of photo ID (address line blurred)

- active LinkedIn profile

- active and established social media profile

- employment verification

Amy deposits requested must be sent through the secure and unique payment link I provide for you. All receipts and statements are discreet.

My rates are nonnegotiable.

Please ask for any weekly or monthly retainer fees.

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