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Thank you for surrendering to the journey, following your curiosity and gifting yourself the ultimate self-care practice

My heart and vitality is brought to our time together. My beautiful energy is shared and activated in our sacred container. I have been called a therapeutic earth angel who can set your mind at ease. Come relax, unwind and bask in bliss!

I am told I embody the full package. My spirit is enchanting, uplifting, intuitive, curious, sensuous and nurturing. The light and sparkle in my eyes speaks volumes of timeless wisdom to the heart, shaking your energy awake to help us all remember who we truly are.

~*~ Availability ~*~

The next time I can see you:

* Oakland: Oct 21-24th, Nov 4-6, Nov 22-24th

* Mill Valley: Nov 11-15th

Schedule with me now as I am selective and fill up fast! Afternoon and evening appointments ideal.

~*~ Contacting Me ~*~
Please understand my safety is your safety. I do screening with every new client. Send a professional website with your name listed, such as LinkedIn. Or contact info for a practitioner you have seen before. Can direct me to a site over phone if that feels more comfortable for you. We both agree to 24 hours no drug, alcohol, tobacco or plant medicines in system. Send screening info and agree to drug policy and then we can schedule <3

~*~ Scheduling ~*~
*Send screening info
*View my dates and locations above and include a good date and time for our session
*Call and leave VM, text or email with above info.

*Middletown location also available, ask for details if interested
[email protected]

*~* Welcome dear seeker *~*

Healing, transformation, love & ecstatic bliss is coming to you! I am Chelsea, also known by Chandra. I inspire men, women and couples to experience their beings inner wisdom and innate bliss through a somatic journey involving touch, breath, sound, movement and deep loving presence. I feel your longing to be touched, without judgment, in unconditional love and acceptance.

Let me lavish your body and indulge your senses with my loving sacred touch. I create a space where you can activate your energy and let go of stress. Feel cradled in my arms as we explore therapeutic & sensual touch, meditation and soothing communication.


~*~ A Little About Me~*~

Dance, singing, yoga, spirituality, meditation, tantra, hot springs, cuddling…melting into deep intimacy with myself and another.

My primary love language is physical touch, followed up by a tie between words of affirmation and quality time together. If you like to give gifts, I would also love to receive. If you desire to show your care, please ask me what would support me in that moment!

~*~ My Experience ~*~

*Sacred Sensuality Tantra: Circle of Radiance Puja – multiple ceremonies
*Reiki TUMMO: Energy from the universe & Kundalini energy – workshops & attunement
*Dakini Circle, Men’s Circle – workshop
*The Art & Practice of Energetic Intimacy & Puja– 2 day retreat
*Tantric Shamanism Breathwork Ceremony – multiple ceremonies *Communications degree, study and trainings - 10+ years
*Compassionate Commuication Coach– 2+ years training
*Certified RYT200 Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

5 Star Reviews Available Upon Request


~*~Create Your Experience~*~

*Divine Tantra Session*
Relish in the joy of being in a vessel by exploring and embodying your vibrant sensual nature. My essence and verbal guidance inspires presence, touch, breath, sound and movement to open and expand pleasure passageways; unlocking cellular wisdom and welcoming in wholeness. What you would expect to happen in an activating massage occurs alongside additional gems honorably gifted. Let us journey and learn together, celebrating our innocence while remembering who we truly are.
$277/ 1 hr, $417/ 90 min, $551/ 2 hr, $831/ 3 hr

*Rejuvenation Session*
Delight your senses and relax into a blissful experience where you are skillfully massaged to surrender what no longer serves. Experience my own special blend of full body activation massage.
$211/ 1 hr, $317/ 90 min, $421/ 2 hr, $631/ 3 hr

*Healing Session*
Discover the lens waiting to be cleansed and reveal the magnificence of your true nature. Bring an experience or pattern that no longer serves you to be artfully alchamized. Potential to add-on to a session above or have over the phone.
$33/ 15 min , $77/ 30 min, $137/ 1 hr


Potential Session Additions:

*Quality time to chat & get to know each other
*Individualized Partner, Vinyasa, Kundalini and/or Restorative yoga session
*Discuss, play & explore: tantra & manifestation techniques, tantra control, spirituality & shamanic practices
*Relationship and intimacy coaching
*Witness and be influenced by a live temple dance
*Meditation, movement or breathwork

~*~What I Expect~*~

*24 hours no drugs, tobacco, plant medicines or alchohol in your system during our time together