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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and one of the world’s leading financial centers, despite having a population under 1 million people in the city limits. In fact, Zurich is primarily known for its’ formerly secretive banking industry as well its’ other financial industries.

In addition to a booming banking and finance sector, Zurich is also the best city in Switzerland for higher education. A total of 20 universities are located in and around the city as well as Switzerland’s two top universities – The University of Zurich and The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Zurich is also known for being an “upscale” and classier city. Many of the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs cater to the banking and finance residents, which is why you’ll find better service and classier nightlife venues in Zurich. Don’t mistake the classier venues as dull though – Zurich nightlife is still exciting and full of energy.

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Nightlife in Zurich

Barfly’z: Barfly’z is a popular bar located in Kreis 2 that like many bars in Zurich, is primarily a lounge-style bar. The inside of the bar is sleek and modern, and you’ll find the bar to have an incredible relaxed and laid back mood.

There are tables and chairs all over the large space so you can find a table for any size of party you may have. However, if you want a table during prime hours on the weekend, you’ll want to reserve a table since the bar becomes quite packed.

What many people come to Barfly’z for is the large selection of drinks. The drink menu is massive and there are a variety of incredible premium liquors from all round the world if you’re in the mood for a truly world-class cocktail.

Unfortunately, Barfly’z isn’t known for its’ food or for dancing, although it does serve food. What you’ll really want to come for Barfly’z is for the awesome cocktails, reasonable prices, and relaxed atmosphere. Barfly’z serves both international and locals, so give Barfly’z a shot if you’re in Zurich.

Mascotte: Mascotte is the oldest nightclub in Zurich and one of the most popular nightlife destinations in the city. This two-floored club hosts some of the city’s best parties and you’ll find a variety of different music genres played throughout the week. Mascotte is not necessarily a large space by any means, so you’ll have to deal with limited space both upstairs and downstairs.

Drink prices are pretty much standard for Zurich prices, so you’ll want to bring your cash or go somewhere more affordable beforehand. In addition to having Djs and several shows, Mascotte also has several live bands throughout the week and it’s one of the best spots in Zurich to go see a show.

Mascotte may not be posh or flashy like other European clubs, but it excels at providing an awesome drinking and clubbing experience to its’ guests. If you head to Mascotte, you’ll have a hard time finding something wrong with the place. You simply can’t go wrong at Mascotte.

Plaza: Plaza is another nightclub in Zurich that offers an awesome clubbing experience on a budget. Plaza has a fairly large drink selection and the décor inside is funky with champagne bottles hanging on the walls and dark, strange walls.

The main attraction at Plaza is by far the outdoor seating during the warm summer months. However, you’ll want to get there early as the bar tends to become incredibly filled during the summer months.

Plaza may call itself a club but it really is a bar and club. There are two different areas that separate the bar from the club, so you’ll need to go back and forth if you want to drink. The Djs play a variety of music and there’s ample room for dancing, despite the often filled bar.

Plaza is a great place to start or end your night, depending on what mood you’re in. The bar is definitely one of the unique bars in Zurich, and it’s worth checking out if you find yourself looking for somewhere to go in Zurich.