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You can be yourself with me.

The outside world seems to be in such a rush. When you and I slow down together, we will notice terrific things happening. Looking into your eyes, I seek the real you. When you look into my big brown eyes, you will see a beautiful new horizon.

Heartfelt Massage: we will start out with a few simple rituals. While I massage you, our communication will be intuitive rather than strictly verbal.

You visit me:

$240-60 min.

$340-90 min.


You will get tied down, using lite bondage. This means that your wrists and ankles will be tightly tied down. There is no doubt who is in charge.


The purpose of Elysium is to slow down, so I will move slowly as I massage you. You will be tied down to make it clear that I am the giver; you are the receiver.

$400-90 min.

$500-2 hours


Spend quality time with me by taking me out to eat, or attending an event. Later on, we will retire to private quarters.


If you have any limitations that you think I will not like, think again. I accept you the way you are.

The Look

Rachel Sonoma is a 5'2", all natural, mature caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


Historical fiction has certainly enjoyed a revival. I enjoy reading a fictional story whose setting has been researched.

The last novel of this genre that I read was John Grisham’s “The Reckoning.” About one fifth of the novel tells the story of World War 2 in The Phillipines. American soldiers were forced to surrender to the Japanese. They were taken POW’s. The conditions were deplorable. The suffering, unthinkable. I highly recommend this novel to anyone.


Please put down the donation on any surface within the first few minutes of arriving. Not mentioning it is the best way to start off right.

Hygiene is important to me. Please take me up on my offer of a shower when you first arrive. I have mouthwash for both of us to use. Don’t forget to gargle!

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