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Each moment is charged with magic and mystery, infinitely precious. Dissolve into the eternal now… Meet Your Zen

I’m Zen, a spirited twenty-something woman born of the desert and cultivated in the fog of The Bay Area. A fiery Sagittarius with Jamaican and French heritage, my passions are as far-flung as my background. I love exploring new cuisine and exotic flavors and seeing how fashion changes from season to season. I’ve caught the wanderlust bug, and while I haven’t traveled much, it’s always on my priority list. I’m also all about mixing things up and getting my adrenaline going; horseback riding, speedboats, and other thrills are adventures I particularly love.

The Look

Zen is a 5'6", curvy, 26 year old black woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I love to cook, watch movies, get massages, sushi lunches with friends, HIKING, and yoga

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