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To truly be alive, feel alive, breathe deeply & experience the world, see, touch, taste & feel & listen closely to the beauty that is everywhere. Carpe diem. Let’s make our lives beautiful.

I’m so glad you found me & that you’re thinking of spending time with me.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to meet ! I can’t wait to hear from you. Much like you I live in reality where I am restrained by the dullness of everyday life so every once in awhile I like to escape the world and take a break and break all the rules. Without a pleasurable escape to turn to every so often we would go insane. Our souls would shrivel and we would wither like a flower without sunlight and water. Let’s regress together -without a care in the world and have some fun & enjoy our lives before we die.

Happy new year! Let’s escape!

Boston / Cambridge & CT - Early January

NYC- January 6th & 7th

January 9th to 11th San Jose

January 12th to 15th- San Francisco - Bay Area , Californi

January 16th to 20th - LA

January 24th to 27th - San diego

Late January- LA

Early February - Charlotte & Raleigh

Mid to late February- NYC, Long Island, Greenwich CT, Boston

Honolulu in February TBA please inquire

I’ll meet you anywhere in the states ! (passport ready again soon!) Holiday during the holidays special bouquet! 4000/day - 5000 weekend /2days ( atleast 2 hrs of solitude requested Each day & 6 hours of rest a night & an hr to refresh each morning.)

Have an extra music festival or concert ticket and don’t want to go alone? From Rock to Classical to Jazz to Electronic to Theater, film fests, culturally enriching events special - I’ll meet you at your hotel with a few hours to get acquainted then we can head out for the day/night for 3000 tulips (roundtrip airfare- & accommodation, unless I’m already in your city- will screenshot best deal flights -for you) enjoy all day Music then Fly out the next day!

Business trips- Meet for only half the day while on trips subtract 20 percent- for example if you’ll be busy with work from morning until late afternoon & can only meet after work or you have obligations during the evening so you can only meet from 10am to 4pm etc.

Available for fly me to you dates. Domestic - no airfare required with 3 weeks plus advanced notice / International trips please add roundtrip airfare) Fly me to you for a day or 2 ( 6 hour min 3000 ) 25 percent deposit for all trips & before booking flights pretty please.

Please click “Let’s Escape” on website & book our encounter or getaway via the form: Please Email from a protonmail or safeoffice account w/ high security.

The Look

Sophia Sakara is a 5'4", slender, 29 year old caucasian / asian woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I have a genuine interest in others and hope we can meet & create beautiful & lasting memories together. I want to be your trusted confidante who you can celebrate with after a good day & the one you can lean on your worst days, a nurturing best friend & intuitive partner in new adventures & experiences. My reviews were rated above 9 before being removed. I am a pleasantly attentive & a very thoughtful & accommodating travel & social companion.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I invite you to join me on a journey of the senses. Let me to be the muse or the entrancing indulgence during those simple moments when you wish to just unwind.

Upon our initial encounter, you will feel completely at ease by my consistently described traits:

- My sense of style & joie de vivre

-My caring, graceful & forever optimistic personality

- My bright inviting smile and alluring face

- My warm charm & passionate nature

- My athletic toned figure that is soft to the touch

- My well manicured appearance from head to toe

Dress size 4. Pants 25. Shoe 7

A petite yet very curvaceous 35D-25-35

With an expansive wardrobe & a serious shoe fetish, I can accommodate any wardrobe requests. Whether we are going to a a music festival, the opera, a rock concert, camping, or happy hour with your co workers, please just let me know in advance.

Let us enjoy longer engagements and repeat encounters. I enjoy travel, concerts, the theater, dancing & nightlife, fine dining, healthy cuisine ( I love cooking your favorite dish for dinner dates - Airbnb/ suites) fitness- city biking tours! , music festivals, cruises, sporting events, the arts. I take my safety and privacy very seriously and hope you do, as well. Longer engagements are preferred & will take priority.

Please schedule via email in advance with all required screening included or simply click “ let’s escape” on my site.

I’m available for men, women and couples & have gorgeous & fun galpals in most of the cities I visit. Join me on a journey of the senses, one that will keep you smiling about our special time together and daydreaming about our next indulgence. Let’s escape the world & enjoy our lives before it’s too late.


All cities : A brief encounter - 800 usd (up to 90 minutes )

1000/2 hrs - Just enough time to relax & unwind

Longer engagements secured with a 200 gift card will take priority- please schedule in advance as last minute dates are almost impossible & very difficult for everyone.

1500-3 hrs

2000-4 hrs -cocktails, dinner dates or room service? just enough time to get acquainted.

6 to 8 hours -3000 (while touring & Fly me to you)

3000/Overnight Evening to 10am

5000/ 24 hrs

6000 A Weekend Escape- Saturday morning to Sunday evening. (2 days)

3000 Fly me to you anywhere in the world for up to 8hrs!

A day at a music or film festival or a concert with plenty of time before & after for private discussions. A simple Bouquet of 3000.

Airfare not required for domestic trips booked atleast 3 weeks in advance. Please add Roundtrip airfare for International trips. Will screenshot best deals xo (25 percent deposit required)

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